We stand behind our products

Kites / Wings


Bars and Accessories


- Faults in workmanship and materials.


- Any type of wear and tear.
- Any wear caused by launching and landing your kite.
- Environmental damage - high Temperatures(eg. hot cars), Sun/UV, moisture, sand and wind damage.
- Damage caused by misuse, waves, hard crashes/impacts, abuse, neglect, user error, foreign objects.
- Damage caused by assembly or setup error.
- Second-hand products.
- Unauthorized repairs or modifications.
- Non Switch products were used and resulted in the failure.
- Products used outside its intended use including heavy loads/ overloading.
- Any costs, losses, or damages incurred as a result of a loss of use of this product.
- Damage caused by anything other than defects in materials and workmanship.

If Switch Kiteboarding finds your product is covered under our warranty, Switch will decide to replace, repair or supply parts for the defective item. In case of a replacement, we may not be able to guarantee the identical product due to stock availability. Replacement parts are free of charge, SHIPPING COSTS are not covered under the warranty.
Contact us at support@switchkites.com for any further questions.

Products purchased during a Stock Clearance Sale do not qualify for this warranty.