February 13, 2020

All surf wings are not born equal
Nearly 2 years ago the first wings started to surface and the whole kite and SUP industry rushed to market with any wing they could stitch together.

We did things differently
We had early prototypes we could have rushed to market with but being a new sport we decided to take a step back and test all the wings on the market today. This gave us massive insight into the sport and the different wing designs. We found the number one area most wings struggle is poor stability and generally hard to use and learn.
Armed with this critical information we re-designed our wing design with the key focus on stability and ease of use. When on a foil, SUP or even a surfboard having good balance, stability and easy smooth power delivery is key for progression.


Switch SURFwing available April
Sizes: 4m, 5m, 6m

Switch Surf Wing