January 15, 2019

Over the past 2 years, we have seen significant increases in costs from manufacturing through to shipping. Some countries have seen a 130% increase in shipping costs. Instead of just increasing prices we have been working hard on ways to maximize efficiencies so we can keep delivering the best value in the industry.

On the 14-01-2019 we moved to a streamlined global single point logistics network. This has given us the ability while costs are going up to continue delivering great deals and saving for our customers. 85% of countries will see some significant price discounts.

So what's changed for me?

As prices go up we are aggressively discounting so you will continue to get the best value in the industry.
If you live in New Zealand and some European countries you will have to pay your own customs fees and taxes. Streamlining our logistics no longer gives Switch the ability to pay your countries taxes and duties on your behalf.

Things are changing, but we will continue to work hard finding ways to keep delivering you the best value in the industry.