What is covered?

Any Switch kite which has a fault in workmanship and materials.

Warranty covers:

- Faults in workmanship.
- Faults in materials.

Warranty does not cover:

- Environmental caused degradation.
- Accidental damage.
- Wear and tear.
- Kites that have been modified/repaired.
- Second hand kites.

Terms & Conditions

Switch has taken great care selecting the highest quality materials and construction methods available. In the phase of product development, Switch extensively tests each product in many different conditions to detect and correct possible deficiencies in the construction before production begins. We also carefully inspect each kite thoroughly before shipping.

A “lifetime” warranty means the lifetime of the original owner and that owner must have purchased the product from our website. Before taking any actions you must contact us at support@switchkites.com with your claim.

This warranty exclude the following:

- Environmental damage - high Temperatures( eg. hot cars), Sun/UV, moisture, sand and wind damage.
- Normal wear and tear.
- Any rips, punctures, scratches or any other damage caused by foreign objects.
- Damage caused by misuse, hard crashes/impacts, abuse, neglect and user error
- Damage caused by assembly or set up error.
- Damage caused by anything other than defects in material or workmanship.

This warranty is void if:

- Any modification or alteration has been made to the product.
- Product has been previously repaired.
- Non Switch products were used and resulted in the failure.

Should a product found to be defective by us, in its sole discretion, we will decide to either repair or replace the defective item. We are not responsible for any other expenses or damages sustained as a direct consequence.

In case of a replacement we may not be able to guarantee the identical product due to stock availability.

Replacement parts are free of charge, shipping costs are not covered.

Please contact us at support@switchkites.com for any further questions or concerns you might have.

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