C2-C3- 6th Line Conversion Kit 24m

Kitesurfing 6 Line Conversion Kit - 24m - Controller 2-3

Convert your Controller 2 or 3 to a 24m 6 line set up. The kit enables you to fly your Legacy or any other 6 line kite with 24m lines.

Comes with:
- 2 x 4m front line extensions
- 2 x 4m 6th line extensions including pigtails
- 2 x rear line extensions
- 1 x winder

How to

The correct 6th line length is very critical to the kite's performance. Please calibrate your bar often and make sure the front lines are the same length as your 6th line. If it is too tight or too loose you will lose performance and the kite will not fly well.
Remove the front lines of your Controller2 or 3 and install the kit supplier. There is no reason to change your back lines but it is recommended you do calibrate your bar after installing the lines

Other brand kites might require a different setup. Please check with the manufacturer.

Please watch the videos below for instructions on how to install a 6 line conversion kit.