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  • JUMP,

    The Element 6 is the easiest kite to jump we have ever made. All you need to do is send the kite and pull in on the bar. From someone starting to jump for the first time through to riders trying to mega loop, the Element 6 will be the easiest kite to take you to the next level.
    The Element 6 has phenomenal lift, drift, turning speed and most importantly, control - so at every stage of your jump you can easily and confidently adjust your height and come in for a soft landing. If you are into jumping, you have to experience the new Element 6.

  • DRIFT,

    Excellent drift and control is very important, as any surfer or foilboarder will tell you. The Element 6 has been tested and optimised to give you perfect drift while maintaining precise control and high turning speed.


    Easy and predictable. Everything from pumping up to learning a new trick, the Element 6 will make any task easy. Effortless bar input, instant re-launch, and super stable, predictable control gives learners and experts the tools needed to progress to the next level.
    We have expanded the size range to include an all new single strut 3m, 4m and 5m. These small sizes are perfect for teaching your friends, landboarding, foilboarding and if the wind allows, storm chasing. The new Element 6 is now the most versatile kite we have ever made.


    To take ‘All Terrain’ seriously, you have to make sure the kite is designed to handle anything. Storms, gusts and crashes. With an all new strength optimised design, 5 strut frame and Switch legendary bombproof construction, you can be confident the Element 6 is up to the challenge.

  • LIGHT,

    The Element 6 is now stronger and more stable than ever while maintaining its lightweight. Clever design has allowed us to add an extra strut for exceptional all terrain stability while maintaining the light feel and lightwind performance of a 3 strut kite.

  • This is only a guide. Different skill levels, conditions and board types can effect range. This chart is based off a 75 kg Rider on 135x41 Twin Tip.