C4- Trim Bracket Kit

Kiteboarding Trim Bracket Kit - Controller 4

Trim bracket for the Controller 4.

Comes with:
- Trim bracket
- Stopper ball

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How to

Replace a C2-C3 swivel with a C4 Trim Bracket

1 - Tools needed: Small pliers, a piece of string
2 - Remove swivel and safety line, use pliers to help loosen knots
3 - Thread main line through the bottom of the bracket and back down to the cleat and handle
4 - Loop right flying line to the right side of the bracket and pull tight
5 - Left flying line through the left side of the bracket and through the small hole of the stopper
6 - Reef knot safety line to flying line. Install safety line back down to the chicken loop ring
7 - IMPORTANT Reef knot must be sitting properly
8 - IMPORTANT Reef knot is tidy and pulled tight
9 - When complete check reef knot is tight and safely pulls through quick release

How to install C4 Trim Bracket