C4- Rear pigtail extensions

Kiteboarding Rear Pigtail Extensions - Controller 4

Rear pigtail extension for the Controller 4.

Comes with:
- 2x pigtail extensions

How To

If you need to calibrate your rear lines follow these simple instructions to install your Rear Pigtail Extensions.

1 - 2 rear line pigtails and 2 rear pigtail extensions
2 - Remove the pigtail from the flying line
3 - Thread flying line through the large loop on the extension
4 - Thread the extension through the loop on the flying line
5 - Pull the extension all the way through the loop on the flying line
6 - Thread the pigtail through the top loop on the extension
7 - Thread the pigtail back through its own loop
8 - Pull pigtail tight and repeat on the other line
9 - Extensions length can be adjusted by simply moving the knot.

How to install C4 Rear Pigtail Extensions