Kite Bag - Transformer

Transformer Kite Bag

Our Transformer Kite Bag can be modified to suit any kite from the Switch range. Customize your bag by inserting the kite tag, which is supplied with your kite, in the see-through window. For larger kites simply increase the size by 50% with our expandable zip system. The redesigned smaller front pocket allowed us to increase the opening so inserting your kite is now even easier. 
Additional features:

  • Expands to fit 2 small/ medium size kites
  • Expands to fit kite and gear
  • Compression (board) straps
  • Unbreakable maintenance free zips
  • Internal bar compartment with external access. Upgraded to fit C4 55cm bars
  • Pump straps
  • Subfreezing (-25C) temperature tested
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Strong top handle