C3- 5th Line Conversion Kit

Kitesurfing 5 Line Conversion Kit - Controller 3

Convert your Controller3 to a 5 line set up. The kit enables you to flag your kite on the 5th line and/or provides active support as required for the Legacy and other designated 5 line kites.

Comes with:
1 x 20m line
1 x 3m line extension
1 x pigtail
1 x nose line (3m long - not required for Legacy)
1 x front line stop
1 x winder

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How to

The correct 5th line length is very critical to the kite's performance. Please calibrate your bar often and make sure the front lines are the same length as your 5th line. If it is too tight or too loose you will lose performance and the kite will not fly well.
The supplied nose line can be used to set up our other kite models with the 5th line safety. After connecting the nose line to the kite, you must determine a knot location on the nose line for the 5th line larks head connection. Please make sure the knot is placed in such a way that the 5th line is slightly loose all times for all our kite models other than the Legacy. Since they are designated 4 line kites, they do not need a 5th line support and it will affect the flying performance if tight.

Other brand kites might require a different setup. Please check with the manufacturer.

Please watch the videos below for instructions on how to install a 5th line conversion kit.