C4- Safety Bungee Line

Kiteboarding Safety Bungee Line - Controller 4

Replacement safety bungee line for the Controller 4.

Comes with:
- 1x Safety bungee rope

How To

Replace your Safety Bungee
Follow these instructions.

1 - Remove ring
2 - Slide stopper ball up the flying line then remove safety bungee line
3 - Thread new safety bungee line through flying line loop
4 - IMPORTANT Reef knot must be sitting properly
5 - IMPORTANT Reef knot is tidy and pulled very tight
6 - Pull stopper ball tightly into place over the reef knot
7 - Thread safety bungee line through cleat ring, bar center and then quick release
8 - Thread ring onto safety bungee line
9 - When complete check reef knot pulls through quick release
How To Install C4 Safety Bungee Line
The system relies on the high pressure on the reef knot in the stopper ball to keep knot the right shape and size to freely pull through the quick release