C4- Coated De-power Line

Kiteboarding Coated De-power Line - Controller 4

Replacement main coated de-power Line for the Controller 4.

Comes with:
- Coated De-power Line

How To

Removing the Quick Release is the key step in replacing your COATED DE-POWER LINE.

1 - Tools needed: Punch (16mm), Hammer
2 - Remove the safety ring and flag line
3 - Punch out pins holding on QR top
4 - Remove QR top
5 - Remove pins and main de-power rope. The QR is now completely removed
6 - Install De-Power Line over pin holders
7 - Push down the rope in the groove around the hole so it is seated correctly
8 - Push into place QR top and hammer in pins
9 - Thread safety line back through QR and reinstall safety ring

C4 repalcement part instructions