August 13, 2018

Helium 3


High-Performance light air, foil and wave riding.


Light air performance has always been at the heart of the Helium. Every material, panel, stitch, has been carefully optimized to reduce weight while maintaining core strength and usability.


Drift, effortless control, and light air performance make the Helium the perfect foilboarding tool.


The excellent drift and quick turning response that makes the Helium excel in foil boarding also gives the wave rider the perfect tools to effortlessly surf in the widest wide wind range.


For the Helium 3, we have extended size range from 18m down to 7m. The smaller sizes extend the Heliums versatility for foilboarders and surfers that love a light responsive feeling kite. The Helium’s 3-strut progressive profile and refined fixed bridle design give the Helium the ability to cover a large set of performance criteria. From foilboarding, wave riding, to twin-tip freeriding.

Is this kite right for you?

Foilborders, surfers or freeriders that want to get out in lighter wind conditions or who want a light and responsive kite will find the new Helium exceeding their expectations.

Helium 3 vs Element 6

o If you like riding waves and foiling. Helium 3
o If you like riding waves and riding twintip. Element 6
o If you do any sort of light wind kiteboarding. Helium 3
o If you are learning or are rough on your gear. Element 6