April 20, 2020




Modern design techniques have lifted kite performance to levels never seen before. Not so long ago it was impossible to make a kite perform in one area without sacrificing another. A kite that jumped high or a kite that was good riding waves? you couldn’t have both.

Now armed with the latest technologies and design expertise, we can develop kites that truly excel in in a wide range of uses. The Nano encompasses this new era in design, setting the highest overall kite performance score of any kite we have made.

Nano vs Element

The Nano sits next to the Element in the Switch line up as an All-Terrain crossover kite. Both models excel in a wide range of disciplines but both kites come from different design parameters.

DESIGN The Nano is lighter, has fewer struts, lower aspect, simple bridle, fuller wingtips, higher profile.

PERFORMANCE The Nano has more responsive light bar control and faster turning/ loop speeds. The Element has more straight-line speed and power through the turns. This gives the Element a feeling of speed and power where the Nano feels more nimble and responsive.

Available 27th April