What is the Switch Watchdog?

The Switch Watchdog is a revolutionary product identification system that instantly displays your product's history and ownership details by simply scanning the QR code with your smart phone.

Why should I use it?

Have you ever had a kite stolen? Have you bought a second-hand kite that seemed to have dodgy origins?

Before purchasing a used Switch kite, you can scan the code and instantly have the make, model and purchase history available, so no more shady deals.

Should disaster strike and your brand new Nitro disappears, flag it in our database and let the world know that it has been registered as lost or stolen. Or should you spot your lost pride on the beach, scan the code to be sure it's yours - but don't punch the prick in the face - rather call the police.

How do I use it

Just scan the QR code with your smart phone and the product information is instantly in your hands. If you cannot scan the QR code, you can simply enter the serial number.

If you own a product with the Switch Watch Dog system, you can log onto our website and customize the displayed information: - Personal details - Personal message - Flag as stolen - Flag as lost.

Another great innovation from Switch to ensure a fair and transparent market place.

Sample Switch WatchDog QR code

Try it

- Grab your smartphone
- Scan the QR code below or simply click it

If you don't have a QR code reader installed download one from your app store. If you don't have a compatable phone you can enter the serial number into this webpage above.�

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