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Free Ride - High Performance - Big Air

  • Ultimate boost, extended hang time, soft landings
  • Smooth 100% depower for maximum wind range
  • Fast turning with predictable power
  • Light-to-medium adjustable bar pressure
  • Easy re-launch including reverse launch
  • High aspect open ‘C’ for maximum performance
  • Powerful and stable 5 strut design

The Nitro has always been the perfect high performance freeride kitesurfing machine for anyone looking to enjoy massive big air tricks. All the key elements are there: control, power, speed, strength and ease of use. This perfect balance has given the Nitro a cult following and made it our number 1 kite.

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High-flying big-air trick masters or riders who just love to cruise will equally find the Nitro answering their prayers. Nitro5 brings performance kiting to a whole new level of ease and response.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbWhat's new?

Rock Solid Stability - A refined wing tip profile and totally new Spider bridle system has reduced the drag and strengthened the structure to give the kite improved efficiency and an increased ability to maintain its shape in the toughest conditions. The already wide wind range is increased and upwind angle improved.

Super Smooth - The Nitro’s improved stability and it’s ability to maintain its shape in gusty conditions gives you unquestionable confidence along with a smooth bar feel throughout it’s entire range. The innovative Spider bridle inherently controls the shape while allowing quick turning and effortless de-power. The Nitro’s Spider bridal is incredibly smooth compared with conventional bridge bridles.

Lighter bar feel - Adding to the smooth feel of the Nitro5 we have decreased the bar pressure for a high-end effortless ride that any rider can enjoy all day.

Turning Speed - Turning speed is increased with a dynamic, quick and powerful turn directly responding to bar input allowing a more precise positioning during high boosts.

Anti-Wrap Spider Bridle - The new Spider bridle system is short and simple and you can rely on the kite to relaunch after rolling or inverting during a crash.

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Kiteboarding Kite Color Options Nitro5
Nitro 5 is now in Make an Offer Kiteboarding Nitro5 Freeride Kite

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Custom build your Kitesurfing gear. Kite plus Kite Bag plus Kite Pump

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You now have the option to customize your new quiver.
Opt out the Kite Backpack and/or Pump and save.
Just un-tick the items you do not need in the Buy Now section below.


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Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbSpecs //Nitro

Detailed specifications and performance criteria

 Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbDetails //Nitro

Switch Kiteboarding Select Heading Kite Details

Flat Span

C/L Chord

Flat Area


Span (m)

Area (m²)


Area (%)
































































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New to Sport



Light Bar Pressure 
Low End 
Turning Speed 

Big Air

Kite Loop Speed 
Kite Loop Power 


Downwind Drift 


Line Slack 
Direct Bar Feel 

 Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbWind Range //Nitro

This is only a guide. Different skill levels, conditions and board types can effect range. This chart is based off a 75 kg Rider on 135x41 Twin Tip.







































Kiteboarding Kite Details Aspect Ratio Kiteboarding Kite Details Chordo Kiteboarding Kite Details Flat Area Kiteboarding Kite Details Flat Span Kiteboarding Kite Details Projected AR Kiteboarding Kite Details Projected Area Kiteboarding Kite Details Projected Area


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Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Safety

Kitesurfing is an awesome new sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. With adventure sports there is an element of danger which can cause harm or death so all Safety Warnings must be followed.

Get Educated

Before attempting to kitesurf we recommend you get lessons from a qualified kitesurf instructor.
Kitesurfing SchoolsWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding

Videos are an excellent way to help  brush up on your skills. There are a number of excellent dvd's available.
Kitesurfing Instructional dvd'sWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding
Youtube is also an excellent resource to learn some skills.
Kitesurfing Instructional Youtube videosWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding

Learn more important safety tips from these great websites.

Kite with Friends

Kitesurfing with friends is always more fun and alot safer.

Switch Kiteboarding Logo Thumb WARNING!

KITE FLYING CAN BE DANGEROUS – Read these instructions before Inflating. By using this product the user fully understands the inherent hazards and dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.
- Never use near power lines, airports, streets, rocks, trees, houses, vehicles, including boats, bystanders or any other structure.
- Observe the weather conditions and do not use this product in thunderstorms, offshore, overly strong or gusty winds.
- For adult use only. Learn how to fly competently before using this product.
- This product is not a floatation or flying device and should not be used as one.
- Always wear safety equipment such as a helmet and when using in water, a personal floatation device.
- Always allow the kite to dry before storage. Do not overinflate and have any damage repaired immediately by a qualified repair facility.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Activate

To take full advantage of all Switch Kitesurfing support and security systems log-in to your account to insure all details are up to date and activate the Watchdog security system.

Switch Kiteboarding LOG IN

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Pump up

The main points to follow when inflating your kite:

    • Safe Area - Find and area clear of an shape objects.
    • Secure Kite - Connect the pump to the kite.
    • Air Pressure - The correct air pressure will help keep the kite shape when flying and relaunching.
    • Safety Checks - Clip off "one pump" strut valves and check leading edge, canopy and bridle lines for damage.
    • Secure Kite - Place kite face down pointing into the wind with something like your board fins up to weigh it down.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Attach lines

Set out Control Bar lines and attach to the kite insuring the bridle is not tangled.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Special settings

Custom set up the kites performance to suit your riding style.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Use


Switch kites are made to take a beating but there are a few things you should avoid to increase the life of your kite:

    • Rocks, Shells and anything with a hard edge can damage your kite.
    • Wave breaking on the kite can damage your kite.
    • Left stored pumped up in the sun and wind for long periods of time will damage materials.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Pack up

The main points to follow when packing up your kite:

    • Dry - Let the kite completely dry.
    • Safe Area - Find and area clear of an shape objects.
    • Deflate - Unclip strut valves, unscrew main valve and place sideways in velcro cap.
    • Roll - Place bridle line on kite and slowly roll up pushing all the air out.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Care

Following these care tips can significantly increase the life of your kite.


A regular quick visual check can help pick up issues before they become problems. Many kiters perform these checks when setting up and and packing up their gear.

Things to look for:

    • Uni pump system - Are all valve seals in place and all uni pump hoses free of damage and connected securely.
    • Bridle lines and attachment point - Are are lines free of damage and attached correctly.
    • Leading edge and canopy - Holes, scratches and damage from crashes.


Always store your kite dry and in a cool place away from UV light and any harsh chemicals.


If you have crashed your kite or your kite has rubbed against a hard or rough surface check for damage immediately. If damage is small and you can fix with your Switch Kitesurfing 1st Aid Kit, do so immediately.

If affected area is large get it repaired before you use it again.
Kite repairsWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind all our gear 110%. In the highly unlikely event of an equipment failure we'll sort out the issue for you as quick as possible.

Switch Kiteboarding LIFETIME WARRANTY

Reviews ★★★★★

Reviews //Nitro 5

Nitro 5Review by Regis
Best kite used yet! I used to ride Naish Park but when I changed to Switch Nitro I noticed a big difference! Would recommend to anyone who likes big air!! (Posted on 29/12/16)
9m Nitro5Review by Josh
Been out on the 9m twice now and have to say i'm impressed. Very easy to pull off lofty boosts with good height and soft landings. kite seems a little heavier than average but didn't notice any impact on handling. Build quality seems extremely sound and i love how basic the bridle is. Overall very happy customer, look forward to more business!!! (Posted on 21/11/16)
Another great iteration with classic Nitro feelReview by Swedish Martin
I chose to go back to Nitro after a few years on Elements. Element is great in many ways, but since v4 Nitro has improved its unhooked performance while keeping its boost and hang time. I really love the way Nitro goes super high, floats forever and takes you down gently and smooth. I'm riding the 10m and it's quick and responsive. Good for big airs, decent for unhooking. Loops with power. I'm looking at adding a 14m to my quiver. (Posted on 24/10/16)
Good improvementsReview by Grigoriy
Nitro4 for me was ideal kite, and i've doubted that it can be improved. But yesterday i tried new Nitro5 and liked it very much. Much more easier relaunch, unhooked, and faster turning speed. Stability on gusts is outstanding. (Posted on 18/10/16)
Great from beginner to kite loop. Review by #gerritsurfs
I own my nitros for the third year now and I love them even though there is a small catch. But more about that later.

I bought the kites right after my beginner's course. The Nitro is easy to relaunch as long as there is close to enough wind. The bar pressure is relatively low while the turning speed is easy to handle.
When jumping, the nitro gives you a good lift and hangtime. It makes you feel confident at all stages of your flight. Its turning speed could be higher for kite loops but it's okay.

Here is the catch or well, the catches:
1. The valve of the Centre strut is not working properly. Sometimes you have to bend it a bit to let the air flow through. After starting with an unfilled center strut once, you won't forget again.
2. Everybody will ask you for your kites and you will have to answer questions. So be prepared. ;) (Posted on 13/10/16)
Switch Nitro desde el Origen!!Review by Javier
Navego con Switch Nitro desde la primera versión en 2012. A día de hoy sigo confiando en la marca y en esta cometa. Construcción y calidad excelentes a precios muy ajustados. Sin duda repetiré. (Posted on 4/08/16)
Hands down the best kite I ever used! The jumping is so easy, so high! The pulling of the kite and the power generation is so predictable, everything is way too easy! The hang time is superb and the landings are soft and effortless. But don't be mistaken, when you need or want to, this kite is a powerhouse, the turning style makes it a insane kiteloop freak!!!

Great choice, outstanding quality.Review by Francisco M
I'm very pleased with my Nitro5, the new design is very nice and I like it a lot. I stands out of the rest. I've been practicing front loops with my Nitro 5 and I think that it help me to progress with my tricks. As for quality, theres no doubt that it's built with the best materials. I think doesn't ask anything to others brands in the market. A great choice definitely.

Estoy muy contento con mi Nitro5, el nuevo diseño es muy bueno y me gusta mucho. Destaca del resto de los demás. Con el Nitro5 he comenzado hacer mis Front Loops, siento que este cometa me ha ayudado a progresar con mis trucos. En cuanto a la calidad, no hay duda que se han usado los mejores materiales. No le pide nada a otras marcas en el mercado. Definitivamente una gran elección. (Posted on 22/07/16)
Nitro 5 14mReview by Elyes
Excellente aile de big air, les qualités de la nitro 4 ont été conservé avec quelques améliorations : décollage plus simple, plus stable, et dévente moins quand on va vers l'aile.

(Posted on 3/07/16)
Nitro 5 10mReview by igor
good looking, solid feeling in the air, good boost and float, I think relaunch has improved compared to Nitro v4 as the C shapes holds better. Pleased! (Posted on 26/06/16)
fantasticReview by markus
Really love this Kite from the beginning!
Superstable and fast, absolutely no Need to get something from a bigger brand!
(Posted on 16/06/16)
Nitro 5 10m smoothnessReview by Pedro
This kite is awesome!
10 m in 14 to 20 knots condition in flat water heaven was butter smooth.
A great improvement over my 8mNitro3. Eats gusts with no significant power spikes and almost no front line pulling . The spider bridal works its magic !Hang time and glide are sweet. When tired just set cruise control and enjoy the ride ,very well behaved beast.
Im craving for an oportunity to feel the upper range.
Good job Switch team. (Posted on 9/06/16)
Big air machine, all around skillsReview by Carlos
I love this kite, its so far the kite with most hang time ever had, the wind range is pretty impressive and the quality of the materials and manufacture are the top. (Posted on 16/05/16)
evidents improvementsReview by Nick
i tryed it a few days ago, i've used my first nitro for years, but nitro5 make the difference! It's very simple for starting peolpe, my son learned to relaunch in a min! (Posted on 19/04/16)
ExcellentReview by George
Just tried out my new Nitro 12 in Boracay. Still a beginner, but i have tried several kites. Fabulous turning speed, very easy relaunch and in general extremely responsive with the Controller bar. Great buy!!! (Posted on 30/03/16)
Nitro5Review by Mariano
Compré tres cometas, 9, 12 y 16, son fantásticos! Terminaciones impecables, el vuelo es fabuloso, estoy realmente conforme y agradecido por el soporte de la gente de SwitchKites.. (Posted on 28/03/16)
fedeReview by Federico
Evidence improvements in key points that make it a highly recommended product; colors while 2015 remains the same, are designed differently and efficiently. Excellent product!!! Switch Congratulations !!! (Posted on 9/03/16)
NITROReview by Federico
My new nitro 5 arrived today. Because there was only a 5 knot wing blowing I didn't get much of a chance to test it however I decided to take it for a fly. I must say, although I am also the proud owner of a Nitro 4, The new nitro 5 is a major improvement. The kite turns faster, the relaunch has improved tremendously, the feel of the bar pressure has also improved. I was also amazed how the kite stayed in the air in the 5 knot conditions. (Posted on 8/03/16)
Nitro5 7mReview by Peter
Nitro5 7m with 20m lines
Location-Lancelin & Jurien Bay, WA
Conditions- SW 35-40kn

I have traveled to WA to catch some proper wind. We've had SW 20-30knots in the morning (9m kites) and then a proper blast in 35+knots in the afternoon.

I have tested the 7m Nitro5 in these conditions. Launching and first impression-very stable. After going out it felt like a gripping hand in the air. It was behaving very well.

Very good lift and a superb hang time even when strong gusts lifts you higher than you wanted to go :)

Steering & riding
Stable. Less reactive due to the amount of depower used. But mind you I was in the top end of the kite :) Adjusting the lines helps. The kite has handled gusts very well. It was also drifting nicely once you hit/carve the waves.
There wasn't much that I could complain about.

Relaunch-no issues here. Kite pops up without any issues. I didn't manage to invert/roll the kite. We would need to crash it and test it in some bigger waves. (Posted on 18/02/16)
after 4 years with element I LOVE NITRO..The new Spider bridle system is excellent make the Nitro v5 one way road.Huge jumps,great hang time, soft landings with stability.i buy the 10m and i waiting to take the 7m..green color again xaxaxaxa,
for one more time.... Switch Congratulations (Posted on 12/02/16)
En FRANCAIS :)Review by Sebastien
J'ai recu la bête il y a qlq jours et j'ai pu la testé dans les conditions caraibes, Alyzée, soleil, boardshort etc...

Au déballage, "C'est quoi cette boule de nœud", le bridage dénote par rapport à ce que l'on a coutume de voir et puis rapidement on comprend pourquoi il s'appelle le "Spider Briddle", ca ressemble effectivement bcp à une toile d'araignée.

Niveau construction toujours au top, avec un capuchon de valve dans une matière plus solide et efficace pour éviter les frottements, Spi identique à la v4.

Le feeling de la N4 a été conservé, aile qui perche grave, top pour le oldschool, big air, les kiteloop, possibilité de dehooké sans trimé. J'adore ! La legacy reste tout de même mon choix pour le déhooké tant elle est facile d'accès, mais pour envoyer haut, y a pas photo ! NITRO5 ! (Posted on 12/02/16)
making a great kite even betterReview by Martin
The Nitro 5 is amazing --- it's a great example how dedication and attention to detail can actually improve an already great thing. I loved the Nitro 4, but have a suspicion the Nitro 5 will help me reach new heights in the truest sense of the word ;-)

So excited (Posted on 2/01/16)
Powerful kiteReview by Chad
I switched over from riding North kites and this kite blows my mind. This kites combines a couple different kites that I'm used to on that other brand. Cruising in low winds of 14mph to gusty 26mph, I had no issues with the way the kites handles itself in all the conditions. The kites form is rigid. I'm liking that spider bridle. (Posted on 27/12/15)
Best Nitro yet!!!Review by Jay
My comparison is coming from the difference between the Nitro v4 12m and the Nitro v5 12m. I rode mine Sat winds were between 20 to 35mph, I'm 190# and on A MJcomp2 140. I will say I do love the kite its awesome and has all the things I love about the Nitro. So I would agree super smooth turning, light bar pressure, has more hang time it seems. My only hang up is it seems it took away the top end of the kite a little. On my v4 in same conditions I feel like I could just sheet out on the bar in high gusts and take it without touching my depower. Now I feel like I can get more overpowered on it in higher gusts. I'll also point out this is at 35 plus mph on a 12m too. . I have yet to test out the differences in the low end. But overall this kite gets an A with the top end difference my only thing take-away I can say. This is still by far the best Nitro yet, I love the super soft landings on my aging knees!!!! (Posted on 25/12/15)
Nitro5 9mReview by Matthew
Best kite I've rode in years, build quality is brilliant , (Posted on 22/12/15)
enormous improvementReview by Andre
My new nitro 5 arrived today. Because there was only a 5 knot wing blowing I didn't get much of a chance to test it however I decided to take it for a fly. I must say, although I am also the proud owner of a Nitro 4, The new nitro 5 is a major improvement. The kite turns faster, the relaunch has improved tremendously, the feel of the bar pressure has also improved. I was also amazed how the kite stayed in the air in the 5 knot conditions. (Posted on 14/12/15)
Wow Very Impressed!Review by Austin
Just received the 12M Nitro5 and took it out for one session in about 16knots. Very Impressed! I'm a pretty heavy guy and usually in wind that light not really doing many jumps or tricks but with the Nitro5 I found I had plenty of power, jumping was great and hang time!!!. The new bridal system is great and the kite handles fast and smoothly. Well done Switch and thank you. Very happy customer. (Posted on 13/12/15)
nitro5 Review by ismael
hola lo ideal seria 11mt en esta cometa 8 y 11mt tendría cubierto un buen rango de viento gracias por poder dar mi opnion . (Posted on 9/12/15)
Nitro 5Review by Miguel
Evidence improvements in key points that make it a highly recommended product; colors while 2015 remains the same, are designed differently and efficiently. Excellent product!!! Switch Congratulations !!! (Posted on 5/12/15)

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Best kite used yet! I used to ride Naish Park but when I changed to Switch Nitro I noticed a big difference! Would recommend to anyone who likes big air!!


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