Overview //Nitro3


Versatile Free-ride, Air-style and Race Performance

  • No pulleys or sliders – the compact fixed 4 line bridle offers a crisp and incredible direct feel
  • Powerful 5 strut wing design for maximum efficiency
  • High aspect ratio open c design for maximum performance
  • Instant re-launch including reverse launch
  • 100% depower within the bar throw
  • Light to medium adjustable bar pressure
  • Fast turning with constant power output throughout the turn

When first launched 3 years ago, the Nitro took the kite boarding world by surprise with its power and hang time signature performance. By fine tuning the wingtips, outline and bridles on this winning concept, we have now created the best Free-ride kite available. You don’t believe us? Well, get one and should any other Free-ride kite currently on the market outperform our Nitro3 send it back within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.

Are we mad? Well that’s open for debate, but after testing them all - Rebels, Switchblades, TS, C4, Parks, etc. the new Nitro3 always comes out on top, hands down.

What's new?

We kept all the power that everyone loves and increased stability, response and de-power. The re-designed longer, angled and double-tapered wingtip provides greater leverage for faster turning, improved de-power, easy re-launch including reverse launch, and an aerodynamic improvement for higher boost including longer float.

The fixed compact, no-pulley or slider 4-line bridle provides excellent structural support and a direct response over a wide range of angle of attacks for much improved de-power and control at any bar position.

The high aspect, 5-strut platform of the original Nitro with a small diameter, constant curve leading edge provides insane upwind efficiency and VMG allowing the Nitro3 to provide serious high octane Free-ride excitement and competitive course racing performance.

The uni-pump hose connections are now enclosed with a soft Polymer layer. This additional protection adds extra security to this already proven, reliable design. A light weight neoprene cover is now protecting your canopy from the loose deflate valve when packed away.

Is this kite right for you?

Yes, yes and yes!< p/>

But – if un-hooked moves are your thing, then pick the Element or Combat.

For the rest of us, the Nitro3 will guarantee a smile on your face each time you get out for a session. This high performance kite loves to boost big, break speed records or win races. The precise, crisp and low force controls give a lively feel with 100% depower within the bar throw. These features, combined with the instant re-launch and stability, make the Nirto3 a perfect kite for you.

The fully balanced kite range gives optimal control over all sizes. The 16m kills any light wind kite on the market when it comes to light air upwind performance. The 6m is controllable in those insane gusty out of control hurricane conditions and for the first time, it's quite enjoyable to be out, once you have managed to sneak past the coast guard controlling the closed beaches.


In the box



Switch BulletTechnology //Nitro3


Switch BulletSpecs //Nitro3

Detailed specifications and performance criteria

 Details //Nitro3


Flat Span

C/L Chord

Flat Area


Span (m)

Area (m²)


Area (%)


5.60 1.41 6.25 5.02 2.78 3.87 2.00 61.9%


6.40 1.61 8.15 5.03 3.18 5.05 2.01 62.0%


7.15 1.80 10.16 5.03 3.55 6.30 2.01 62.0%


7.82 1.97 12.13 5.04 3.89 7.52 2.01 62.0%


8.43 2.12 14.12 5.04 4.19 8.75 2.01 62.0%


9.01 2.26 16.10 5.04 4.48 9.98 2.01 62.0%

 Performance //Nitro3













  New to Sport








Light bar pressure


Kite Loop Speed


Kite Loop Power









Downwind drift





Line Slack


Direct bar feel



Low end






Turning Speed


 Wind Range //Nitro3

This is only a guide. Different skill levels, conditions and board types can effect range. This chart is based off a 75 kg Rider on 135x41 Twin Tip.
























Switch BulletGallery //Nitro3


Switch BulletManual //Nitro3

To get the most out of your new Switch Kite follow these 6 steps:

1   Activate

To take full advantage of all Switch Kiteboarding support and security systems log-in to your account to insure all details are up to date and activate the Watchdog security system.
Log-in to your Account


2   Safety

Kitesurfing is an awesome new sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. With adventure sports there is an element of danger which can cause harm or death so all Safety Warnings must be followed.


KITE FLYING CAN BE DANGEROUS – Read these instructions before Inflating. By using this product the user fully understands the inherent hazards and dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.
- Never use near power lines, airports, streets, rocks, trees, houses, vehicles, including boats, bystanders or any other structure.
- Observe the weather conditions and do not use this product in thunderstorms, offshore, overly strong or gusty winds.
- For adult use only. Learn how to fly competently before using this product.
- This product is not a floatation or flying device and should not be used as one.
- Always wear safety equipment such as helmet and when using in water, a personal floatation device.
- Always allow the kite to dry before storage. Do not overinflate and have any damage repaired immediately by a qualified repair facility.

Get Educated

Before attempting to kitesurf we recommend you get lessons from a qualified kite instructor.
Kite Schools

Videos are an excellent way to help  brush up on your skills. There are a number of excellent dvd's available.
Kite Instructional dvd's
Youtube is also an excellent resource to learn some skills.
Kite Instructional Youtube videos

Learn more important safety tips from these great websites.

Kite with Friends

Kitesurfing with friends is always more fun and alot safer.


3   Set-up

Setting up your Switch kite is quick and easy.

Pump it up

Find a safe area, take you kite out of the bag and pump it up.
See video for details

Attach lines

Set out Control Bar lines and attach to the kite insuring the bridle is not tangled.
See video for details


4   Use


Switch kites are made to take a beating but there are few this you should avoid to increase the life of your kite:

    • Rocks, Shells and anything with a hard edge can damage your kite.

    • Wave breaking on the kite can damage  your kite.

    • Left stored pumped up in the sun and wind for long periods of time will damage materials.


5   Pack up

Packing up your kite is as simple as setting it up:

    • Disconnect main line from the kite, let the air out of the kite, roll it up and place back in the bag.
      See video for details
    • Insure kite is dry before packing away.

6   Care

Following these Care tips can significantly increase the life of your kite.


If you have crashed your kite or your kite has rubbed against a hard or rough surface check for damage immediately. If damage is small and you can fix with your Switch Kiteboarding 1st Aid Kit, do so immediately.
Check out our youtube page for basic repairs how to videos

If affected area is large get it repaired before you use it again.
Kite repairs


A regular quick visual check can help pick up issues before they become problems. Many kiters perform these checks when setting up and and packing up their gear.

Things to look for:

    • Uni pump system - Are all valve seals in place and all uni pump hoses free of damage and connected securely.

    • Bridle lines and attachment point - Are are lines free of damage and attached correctly.

    • Leading edge and canopy - Holes, scratches and damage from crashes.


Always store your kite dry and in a cool place away from UV light and any harsh chemicals.

Switch Backup

We stand behind all our gear 110%. In the highly unlikely event of an equipment failure we'll sort out the issue for you as quick as possible.
Warrenty details

Reviews ★★★★★

Reviews //Nitro 3

Nitro 3 10mReview by peter
Had ago on this older model.
Damn i was impressed very powered conditions the kite boosts insane and so much hang time.
Im used to c4s the nitro was so much better suited for me.
Older model now but i loved this kite so much :) (Posted on 9/04/16)
Nitro deliversReview by Nicolas
I replaced my former 9m Hatch with the Nitro in 8m and i thought the gap might be to big for my quiver, since next and only other kite is 12m switchblade. but the nitros great windrange does it all! Nice Boost , lift and Hangtime makes it super fun to ride. you can feel the kite easily, which makes the timing for nice high and long jumps easy. I am super stoked about this kite, which let me progress so nicely in the last few months. kite gave me the confidence to try new things, because i always know where the kite is! (Posted on 27/07/15)
Nitro3 10m el mejor kite como kite únicoReview by Valentin
Nitro3 10m es el mejor kite que he probado como kite único

Estoy descubriendo que este kite tiene un rango brutal, y una gran polivalencia lo he probado con 15 16 nudos y funciona muy bien en strapless con tabla de surf, es un kite rápido y ágil con muy buena sustentación.

Pero lo mas increíble es que éste mismo kite me permite salir días con 25 nudos rachedos con rachas de mas de 30 nudos, sin que sienta las rachas ni que pase miedo por el viento.

En ese momento todos los riders ya están cambiando sus kites de 9 por kites mas pequeños, y yo sigo disfrutando de éste kite.
Le he dejado éste kite hoy a mi hijo que esta comenzando, y él piensa igual, 60 Kg y se mete en el agua con 25 nudos y alguna racha de mas y vuelve contento del comportamiento (yo estaba asustado por él).

Por eso comento que los pesen de 80 a 95 kilos que estén buscando un kite único, tienen con la Nitro un kite que les puede cubrir de 15 a +30 nudos una barbaridad (Posted on 16/12/14)
Best Freeride KiteReview by DIMITRIS.P
I have the kite 7 months now and i can say construction quality is top notch. I have the 10m and the kite wind range is ridiculous. On a twin tip 132x41 at 80kg, i fly it from 13-14 to 32-35 knots!!! It's one kite quiver :) Very powerful but power is delivered smoothly though out its wind range.
The kite flies at the edge of the wind window, so it excels in upwind performance. The turning is quite fast and round (not pivotal) and maintains the power through the turn.
Jumping, well it feels like cheating :) Just send the kite, sheet in and up you go. With the right edging of course it will skyrocket you . The feel is gliding - elevator and the landings are smooth(will never drop you).
The kite goes fast. If you like free racing, thats the kite you should be looking to. Flying forward in the wind window, it builds and builds speed. The limit is only you how fast you can go.
Relaunch is super easy,just pull one of the steering lines.Simple as this :)
To sump up,if you like going fast,carving at high speed,slashing and jumping around, old school freestyle, basic wake, this is the kite for you,at the best price quality the market can offer! (Posted on 8/12/14)
Super KiteReview by Markus
Ich konnte nun zwei Wochen meinen neuen 12er Nitro3 testen.Noch nie bin ich mit einem Kite so leicht so hoch gesprungen! Auch die Hangtime lässt sich sehen! Im Vergleich zu meinen bisherigen Kites von Cabrinha ist der Nitro3 in jeder Hinsicht ebenbürtig oder besser. Der Niro3 fliegt sich extrem einfach und läuft Höhe ohne Ende!
Testet den Kite und ihr werdet ihn lieben! (Posted on 11/11/14)
10m in 25-30mph - pleasantly litReview by paul
Tried out a switch nitro (1st generation I think) 10m just a few days ago. I'm 5'11", 170lbs. Was on a small board (130x40) in about 25-30mph wind in flat water. Great great experience. There was lots of power and a very direct, responsive feel. The jumps lived up to all the hype. The kite has excellent lift, and then more lift. It turned as fast as I wanted, and the feedback at the bar was great. The bar pressure was quite high, which I liked while riding but felt in my hands/elbows the next day. The changes to nitro2 and 3 seem to have addressed this issue by adding tuning options.

...If switchkites.com had a 10m nitro3 in stock, it would be on the way to my house by now. (Posted on 27/10/14)
Brilliant Nitro V3 10mReview by Hamish
3 years kiting. First new kite I have purchased, Beginner to intermediate, due to work commitments like most I cant make it out when wind is at its best, but this beast soaks up gusts, gives you a great feeling of confidence in the de-power, re-launch is great, stability top notch. Make you want to try more. Loving it!! A big help was the Switch Forum, great feed back from other owners and team riders. (Posted on 25/10/14)
Essai Nitro V3 14 m Port Saint Louis du RhôneReview by Julien
Alban rider m'a prêter sa nitro v3 14 m . Spot Flat, vent 12 knts
L'aile est vraiment rapide pour une aile de cette taille, peu d'inertie, puissance exceptionnelle. Elle m'a réconcilier avec les ailes de grande taille. A quand la nitro V4 (Posted on 21/10/14)
What a Surprise!!Review by Craig
In this day and age of purchasing items online, we have all become accustomed to researching the hell out of a product to firstly make sure we are not being Jabbed in the hip pocket but also that we are getting what we are paying for.

I'm totally new to Kite-boarding and have been reading reviews on what Kite would suit me best. Now while I'm no expert in Kite-boarding what I can tell you is that everyone has an opinion be it positive or negative. In my line of work, I embrace negative opinions. Far more information can be gathered from negative reports than what you think. That is how I ended up on the Switch webpage.

I had been reading numerous negative reviews on Switch Kites and how the positive reviews are all paid for and no one should rely on these reviews because it's basically "Cash for Comment"

What a load of Crap!!!

From what I can see, the people writing the negative reviews are people who have gone out and spent $3000 to $5000 on kite-surfing kits and now the only way to justify their purchase is to say that their equipment is better because they paid a small fortune for it and that the manufacturer is well established.

What a surprise it was to find out that someone (that being Switch Kites) had decided to set up a business model that makes top quality Kite-boarding gear and have it priced in a manner that makes it affordable to everyone from beginners to pros!

Not only is Switch gear great quality and affordable but the more you rate and refer people, the cheaper it becomes for you. What a great way to retain clients, gather new business and create brand loyalty. So what if someone is being paid for a review. If its top quality and does the job, what does it matter?

I was going to buy a 14m Nitro3 but unfortunately they are out of stock. The good news is that I'm definitely going to purchase the new Nitro which is soon to be released.

Congrats Switch. Nice work (Posted on 14/10/14)
Nitro V3 12 m² et 8 m²Review by Sebastien
J'ai pu tester la nitro v3 sur l'almanarre.
L'aile est vraiment bien , je suis sur notrh normalement

L'aile est bien construite et semble très solide.
bonne finition.

J'adore les gros jumps et les loops. L'aile est vraiment parfaite.

j'adore en plus car il n'y a pas de poulie la réactivité est directe. (Posted on 2/10/14)
10 Nitro 3 elle a tout d'une grandeReview by Julien
j'ai acheté une 12 m nitro tellement satisfait que j' ai acheté la 10 m 2 en remplacement de ma North rebel .
Tout d'abord la chose qui surprend est la plage d 'utilisation, que se soit dans la plge haute ou basse comportement hyper stable, jamais on ne sens a la rue.
Pression, vitesse, stabilité ... au top .
La Nitro 3 est une machine tranquille mais qui peut se reveler une machine de guerre pour celui qui veut envoyer..
En ce qui concerne la qualité de fabrication rien a dire, couture, spi, sac tout est de qualité et bien concu. un petit reproche sur la barre le donkey dick un tout petit peu plus long se serait bien.
J'ai revendu ma Rebel et j'ai adopté definitivement la Nitro (Posted on 2/10/14)
Nitro 3 12 m2Review by Julien
J'ai acheté la Nitro V3 en 12 m² suite aux conseil de Alban Perchais TR qui me l'avait fait essayer au préalable. La présence en barre est très douce, sustentation excellente (j'avais des Rebel auparavant) la Nitro n'a rien a leur envier . C'est une aile très maniable peu d'inertie pour une 12 m .Dans Les conditions de vent léger meilleur que la Rebel condition de vent identiques et réglages idem . Aile stable jamais de mauvaise surprise même sur des rafales violentes même dans la plage d'utilisation la plus haute. En ce qui concerne la qualité , toujours en comparaison des Rebel, rien a dire coutures, spi, lignes .... on a l'impression que les deux sont fabriquées dans la même usine. (Posted on 2/10/14)
Awesome Low EndReview by Shano
Have 10m Nitro V3. First opened with mate ,both not seen Switch kite in person before ,we where impressed with the quality workmanship and thought the kite design looked good to.
Have used the kite a dozen times or so , ranging from 15 to about 25 knots. Im about 75 kgs ,I havn't had to use the depower yet so I reckon i'll be able to use it up to low 30 knots no worries. Lent this kite to couple of mates in 15 odd knot winds and both were impressed with how much boost you still get in such light winds. So yeah great boost and hang time with this kite design. Easy enough to relaunch, fairly smooth through the air and allows you to point really high into the breeze.Overall great Freeride Boost Machine. So yeah might see a couple more Switch kites at the local soon. (Posted on 29/09/14)
Totally brilliant KITE!Review by Manuel
Nitro V3, 12m
I test V3 12m2 in different condition
The 12m2 go upwind prfect,
Great lift, Impressive hang-time,
Depower immediate and very effortless, Very large range from 10kn to 20kn (70kg, MJC2 136).
Very fast!
Good yob Switch :) (Posted on 28/09/14)
Nitro v3 14m2Review by Alban
I ve the 14 nitro v3 since few time.
The kite is really fast for this size.

Lot of power. And good depower.

Freeride : big jump and really god hang time.
you don't need lot of wind to enjoy.
(81 kg and mj comp2 136. Playing in 12/13 knts)

Race : i love the kite with my race board.
Testing in 9/11 knts.

Amazing speed on the board and no one on the water. Only one kite foil.

Inflate the kite is always easy and really important too.

i love the nitro v3 14m.

(Posted on 25/09/14)
16m Nitro V3 , get one!Review by Lee
I'm 86 kg and ride surfboard or twintip.
First day out, 11 knots on the surfboard. Powered and able to get up wind no problem, awesome sailing around everybody! Amazing range, can hold the 16m down comfortably in 20 knots, boost is ridiculous so much lift and float but always feels manageable for such a big kite. Turning is responsive and powered, goes upwind so well. Easy to relaunch. Nice to be able to turn up at the beach on marginal days and have full power sessions! Love this kite! (Posted on 2/09/14)
Potenza e controlloReview by Antonio
è ormai qualche mese che ho acquistato questo kite nel modello 12m e ho potuto apprezzarne in pieno le sue qualità di potenza anche con vento a 12/13 nodi e controllo con venti più sostenuti. Il mio peso e' di 75 kg circa e riesco a coprire con questa formidabile vela un range che va dai 12/13 nodi sino 18/20 senza alcun problema mantenendo sempre la stessa sensazione di potenza controllo e sicurezza. (Posted on 2/09/14)
Veramente un kite completo!!!!!!^^Review by Giacomo
Vi faccio una recensione delle mie prime uscite con quello spettacolo di ala che è il nitro V3 acquistato da poco!!!
condizioni uscita
Vento: 17-23knot da NORD (Senigallia AN, Marche, Italy)
mare: chop!!!!
tavola: north gonzales 142x42
peso rider: 100kg+- 5kg
Altra attrezzatura switch per confronto diretto: ala principale nitro V2 14mq
Appena uscito noto subito la differenza di rotazione da la V2 14mq (ed è anche giustificata considerando ben 4mq in meno di grandezza), rotazione molto veloce e precisa!!!....potenza della v3 10mq impressionante considerando che sono 100kg erotti!!!
Non sono un super-campione di freestyle ma con lei ho iniziato a muovere i primi passi negli salti....mi sono sentito a mio agio fin dai primi salti!!!....a Senigallia praticamente sono in pochi quelli che hanno switch ma vedo molto interesse da parte degli altri perché la qualità dei materiali è la medesima se non addirittura superiore su dei frangenti, anche la dotazione di base con le prolunghe per le linee e il kit di riparazione fanno gola agli altri dato che le altre marche non li forniscono con l'acquisto!!!!(e paghi pure il doppio per il kite).....In definitiva SUPER PREZZO, SUPER QUALITA', SUPER SERIETA' E UNA BELLA ESTETICA fanno di switch il marchio che attualmente mi rappresenta al meglio nel mondo del kitesurf!!!


maro (Posted on 31/08/14)
Nitro 6m2Review by Alban
Je viens d'acquerir la nitro v3 6m2. ( j'ai deja la 8m2 v3 et la 12m2 v3)

L'aile est tout simplement parfaite.
Sa petite taille ne fait pas d'aile un moustique.

Elle réagit bien. Reglé en pleine puissance dans 30/34 knts les jumps sont très faciles.

Sa monte vite et haut. La sustentation est nickel malgré la petite taille.

Un bon lift et pop.

Pour ce qui est de la construction et des finitions toujours aussi parfaite.

Grace a la valve, le gonflage est vraiment facile et cela permet d'avoir toujours des ailes gonglées au top.

Gonflage très important sur ce genre de taille ce qui fait une aile rigide qui ne se déforme pas dans les raffales et rend le redécollage plus facile.
(Posted on 24/08/14)
Nitro MachineReview by ALES
Nitro V3, 16m
I test V3 16m2 in different condition, I made more than 20 days
The 16m2 go upwind prfect,
Great lift, Impressive hang-time,
Depower immediate and very effortless, Very large range from 9kn to 20kn (70kg, MJC2 140).
Very fast for 16m2!
Good yob Switch :) (Posted on 23/08/14)
Nitro 3 14m Kiting with little wind :-)Review by Theo
13 August 2014 for the first time with the Nitro 3 - 14 m board was a F-one Trax 136-40.5 my weight is 84 kg. Conditions choppy water wind 17 to 20 knots.
It was a bit of getting used to the Nitro with jumping but after half an hour it went good. Kite jumps good high and a long glide.
For a 14 m running the Nitro fast enough. I was 1 of the few that went into the air yet:-)
Kiting whit the Nitro is fine a think i wil get an 8 as well.

The kite it self, I don't have nothing to say, build strong and looks fine to me.

The Controller2 bar is also fine all I prefer a slightly thicker and softer bargrip, I got after 1.5 hours kiting sore hands.
The release works good en putting the savety together on the water was not so easy but i think i have to practise that a few times.

The bag looks fine and is useful with the zipper that you can open so that the contents of the bag gets bigger.
Disadvantage I find that the zipper that you used to open the bag is to short, why not a longer zipper al the way down now you can make it open for the half and this makes it difficult to get your kite out or in the bag.
Also, I find personally that the compartmant on the side for the bar could be a bit larger then it wil be easier to store the bar as the kite already is in the bag.
(Posted on 15/08/14)
Nitro 12 m² et 8 m²Review by Alban
J'ai la Nitro en 12 m² et 8 m².

La présence en barre est très douce, ce qui fait de la 12 m² une aile très maniable.
On a presque l'impression d'avoir une 10 m².

La puissance est bien présente, même dans les conditions de vent léger.

Un bon lift, une bonne remonté au vent et surtout un très gros hang time pour les adeptes du Olde school.

La nitro passe bien aussi en Freestyle.

Une aile stable et saine. Une bonne plage d'utilisation. Une construction toujours aussi solide.

Et quelques finitions améliorées. (Posted on 10/08/14)
War machineReview by ICE
Nitro V3, 12m
After some test in different condition, I can say:
The kite go upwind like a dream, even in TT. With a Raceboard is awesome!
Impressive hang-time, great lift.
Depower immediate and very effortless.
Very large range, from 12 to 25kn and maybe up to 30 (82Kg on MJComp2)
My friend Called "Ciccio" (108kg) can do 313, frontroll and other "old school".
In 16kn.
so... (Posted on 27/07/14)
Nitro 3 12mReview by Elyes
excellente aile pour le freeride, et les tricks accrochés . Une excellente plage de vent basse et haute , très maniable et une présence en barre beaucoup plus faible que la version V2.
Redécolle facilement même en vent faible.
cette aile peut convenir aussi bien aux débutants qu'aux confirmés qui cherchent une machine à saut .
(Posted on 25/07/14)
love on first sightReview by Bianca
I wanted to replace my 15M Element V1. With the new Element V3 on the horizon, I was in doubt what kite to choose for my lesser wind sessions. Felix advised the 14M Nitro V3 for the conditions that I'm riding in. And I must admit... this advise was spot on.

I was eager to try my new kite. So for my first session the wind was not ideal for the 14M, more suited for the 11M Element V2 I have. However the 14M gives you confidence from the moment of launch. Very good feeling on the bar and steady power built up. A real gust eater. Gust of 25/26 knots... no problem. I made a little video: http://vimeo.com/98655302

I fell in love with the Nitro this first session. It is very hard to contain myself not to replace my 11M en 7M Element V2 with a set of Nitro V3 instantly. Though I love those Elements too, the riding experience with the Nitro just connected with me.

I can ride it well powered from approx. 12 knots. I use a Spleene Door 59. With the 14M Nitro this make for a upwind like crazy combo. The only ones who beat me on this combo are kiters with bigger kite like a Spleene X 19 and a Slingshot Turbine 17M.

When in 15 knots or more I get my normal TT. Getting some practice jumping. For me 15-18 knots is the sweet spot. Nice high and lofty jumps and massive control.

The only negative I have to notice is the lit connection of the valve. The lit is connected to the valve with a small cord instead of a plastic connection like on the Element V2. When deflating the lit sometimes hits the canopy because the lit can move freely and the cord is maybe a bit to long. I have to hold my hand for the lit when deflating.

Great kite! If you're in the market for a new quiver, I would really consider the Nitro V3.

(Posted on 21/07/14)
удивительный кайт Review by Alex
Наконец-то обкатал свой Нитро3 12м. Впечатления от кайта только положительные. Конструктив на уровне ведущих производителей, внимание к мелочам просто поражает.
Действительно хенгтайм у него отличный, летишь долго и далеко. Удивил ветровой диапазон, дуло 8-16, триммер я даже не трогал, хватало дипауэра. Производителю Switchkites действительно стоит пересмотреть ветровой диапазон, на самом деле он намного шире заявленного.
Нагрузка на планке-минимальна, совсем не напрягает. С этим кайтом можно действительно очень быстро погонять. Рестарт -это очень просто , кайт рестартится почти автоматически. Так-же отличный задний старт.
Кайт прекрасно идет на ветер, по крайней мере лучше, чем все кайты, которые я имел раньше.
По поведению кайт очень похож на Best TS и Naish Park.
Если Вы сомневаетесь, купить или нет, то мое мнение-покупать однозначно.
По результатам тестирования мои друзья Иван(г.Устькаменогорск) и Игорь(г.Темиртау) также купили кайты Switch 12м и 14м.
Сегодня я заказал 12м Nitro3 и 9м Element3 для моего друга Руслана(г.Щучинск).
Как видите география распространения Switchkites в Каззахстане расширяется с каждым днем. (Posted on 18/07/14)
Nitro V3 .14mReview by GIBERT
I've been racing since 2007 on raceboards and now on kitefoil.The first Nitro kites i adquired in 2010 were definetly for me!! Now i needed a 14m to kitefoil in 7 knots and i naturally bought a Nitro V3..This kite is amazing of stability, and fast turns are easy , making your kite resourcing.to get speed.I have everything i need to kitefoil in a 7 knots light wind, power, stability and control with more depower! (Posted on 16/07/14)
Video Review Review by GleitenTV
German: http://gleiten.tv/index.php/video/action/view/v/1569/page/345/

English: http://gleiten.tv/index.php/video/action/view/v/1580/page/345/ (Posted on 3/07/14)
Switch Nitro 3 Kites 14m y 12m Review by Valentin
Soy un rider de nivel medio , pertenezco al Team Riders de Switch, puedo ofrecer mis kites para probar.

Me muevo por Malgrat , Castelldefells, Palamós, Riumar y Leucate, la afición del kite la comparto con mi hijo de 14 años.

La Switch Nitro 3 está orientada al rider que quiere un kite para disfrutar los saltos potentes y altos.
En las medidas grandes es excelente para viento suave.

Quien la quiera usar para surf la va a disfrutar. Los giros son muy rápidos pero progresivos con la sustentación que tiene, que la hace muy fácil para empezar con surf strapless.

Al ser un kite potente con una relación alto, no es muy adecuado para desengancharse.

A pesar que se considera un kite para nivel intermedio alto, yo no desanimaría a los principiantes a escoger éste kite , mi hijo que está comenzando y disfruta con la potencia de éste kite y con la facilidad de ceñir que ofrece con viento suave , es de los primeros en estar en el agua aún siendo un novato.

En detalles de acabado:

Utilizan los mejores materiales TECHNO FORCE/T9600 y Dimension-Polyant Dacron solamente para el borde de ataque.
Esta bien reforzada, una construcción muy sólida , no he tenido ninguna indecencia de calidad con Switch en mas de dos años . El capuchón protector del tapón de la válvula de inflado del kite, hace que se pueda recoger con facilidad el kite sin que el tapón dañe la tela para deshinchar se pone revés y se tapa, también se ha enfundado los clips de los clips del one pump.

Ahora no tiene ninguna polea,
Mejora en la estabilidad del kite en viento fuerte, soporta mejor las rachas.

Más rango de viento sobre todo en el extremo máximo.

Es potente pero no como la V2 , es cometa más progresiva.

Relanzar el kite resulta más fácil incluso con poco viento. Tiene sistema para facilitar la salida del agua del kite al relanzar.

Presión de barra es correcta suave pero suficiente para tener control del kite.

Resulta mas directo y rápido en los giros manteniendo la sustentación .
Capacidad de ceñida enorme.

(Posted on 4/06/14)
Nitro 3 12mReview by scot
It’s just an amazing kite. It roars upwind as if there is a real urgency to get somewhere, you hardly need to edge the board and are always overtaking others.

I really thought the Method V2 was my favourite kite of all time and it’s still brilliant but the Nitro3 has taken that spot. I have never owned a kite that can boost like this before. I had a Peter Lynn Venom2 not to long ago that I thought was the best at floating jumps but the Nitro3 is way better.

I have never jumped higher and now I’m already getting the board grabs in as the kite just gives me so much time in the air that I can have a think about it.

Break pressure is medium in my books; definitely not light but just right. One other thing is I find I do not look at this kite like I had to with my last one when kiting. You can just feel where it is, I feel that switch custom made this kite for me and I have to thank them for it. I could not be happier and do not understand how a kite could be better (I have had MANY! kites)
(Posted on 6/05/14)
Awesome!! (please update your wind range chart)Review by Kynan
I've had a 10m for 2 months now and finally feel that I have ridden it enough to give a complete review. I weight 180lbs, have been kiting for several years and typically ride a 132-134 twin-tip.
Let's start with the most impressive thing -- Wind Range. Seriously, Switch, please update your chart. (Are you afraid of people buying a single kite quiver?) This thing can handle both less wind and more wind than is indicated. The Nitro2 had a ton of bottom end. The 3 is the same. Maybe a little less grunt than the 2 but the extra speed makes up for it. I can ride and jump in 12-14 knots (I've been out and staying upwind in 10 knots on a 141 Spleene Session - in these conditions, I'd rather be on my 14...but just had to give it a try). I'm well powered in anything above 15. At the top is where I am most impressed. Yesterday, I was out in high 20s with sustained (several minute) gusts in the mid 30s and short gusts in the 40s. Never did I feel overpowered or out of control. I had the depower strap pulled about 1 1/2 inches. I could even depower it a bit more and throw down unhooked. On the 10m Nitro2, above 25, I always wanted a smaller kite.

Speed / stability / bar pressure -- faster than the Nitro2 but just as stable. Really nice bar pressure; lighter than the 2 but plenty to tell where the kite is. Tighter loops. The most impressive improvement in this area for me is the speed at which the kite returns to apex when you want it to. Even in light wind, it rockets back up, ready to dive again. Pump it up solid for the best performance.

Jumping - Others have written plenty on this topic. I'll keep it simple: The Nitro2 was a big air machine. The 3 is just as good in middle of the chart wind and better in higher wind.

Relaunch - Honestly, most modern kites relaunch well. Some are a little easier then the Nitro3, some are a little harder. Grab a bunch of steering line and you can get it to flip up on a tip and jump back into the air from just about anywhere; no need to wait for it to drift to the edge of the window. Well mannered in the water - very little tendency to roll or tangle when the lines and bridles are slack. This kite would make a good school kite (which is crazy considering its other performance characteristics).

Build quality / the little things - Check one out! Everything is top notch from the bag to the stitching to the scuff guards to the little enhancements like a neoprene cover for the huge and simple inflate/deflate valve. I did have a misseated leading edge bladder when it arrived. No big deal - didn't have to reinstall it - spent 15 minutes working it back in to place.

Full disclosure: I'm a Switch Team Rider - go out and test one and you'll see that everything I've written is spot on. Truly, an awesome kite. (Posted on 18/03/14)
Improving a great kite is not easy -- but the Switch Team succeededReview by Martin
I have flown the Nitro, then the Notro V2 and now the Nitro V3 -- as you can tell I am a fan. That said improving an already great kite is not easy, but the Switch Team has done it again ;-)
I love the new bridal system with NO MOVING PARTS. no more sliders getting stuck ever, which gives you smoother turns and better control. The new valve hoody is cool too as you can now leave the valve unscrewed while packing - very nice detail.
But best of all it has even more power and hang time -- so you can be the first one out and last one in (assuming you have the stamina / or just do multiple sessions).
I have the 14m which is my goto kite for SoCal, but because of the range the N3 offers I can ride it comfortably when others struggle with their 12m ;-)
In a nutshell -- try it and you will be hooked.

Good winds to all
(Posted on 1/02/14)
Totally brilliant KITE!Review by Pete
Wow what a kite, very light bar pressure, turns so quick, great boost. Even the missis likes it. I cannot fault this kite. I been kiting 10 years and i is 90kg, i have the 10m and 12m. will get the 8m the second it becomes available. Well done guys top kite. (Posted on 9/01/14)
Boost MachinReview by queney
Condition of test :
Nitro v3 in 10-12 and 14m² in 14 to 25 knots into Caribbean condition.
Comparaison of 3 generation of nitro 10m² (v1-v2-v3) witch i have got.

Boost :
This is a real boost machine, it goes up, it goes fast with a better stability than v1 and v2 in strong wind. This is THE KITE to have for oldschool, i allow me to make big board off and have a lot of time to put the board on my foot.
Windrange are also better than older version, v3 has got better high end (25knot with hudge boost in 12m)

Kiteloop :
I you wanna be kicked, this is the one you need, like the boost it pull your hard. To be honnest, at same size comparaison (10m) i found that v3 turn a little bit slower in kiteloop compare to v2 but with more stability and better and faster ressource. (Faster at twelves after a kiteloop)

Relaunch :
I don't test in very light condition, but v3 relaunch is still easy like v2

Bar pressure :
It depend of your setup. I found that v2 pull to much into the harness and on v3 bar pressure is harmonious and smooth.
V3 is also a plug and play kite, i don't have to change any node before enjoying it.

I don't test it into wave and unhook freestyle

If you test it, you gonna love it !! (Posted on 7/01/14)
Best free ride kite everReview by seves2000
Just unpacked my new switch nitro V3 12m.
Went down to the local flat water spot 13 to 16 knots
This kite out sailed everything on the water it was faster, pointed higher, jumped higher and floated longer. What have you done Switch you have created a  monster  in the best way.
The only thing I found hard was the pull when kite looping I will have to try it on the lighter bar setting as I had it on the middle setting
But so far what a great kite
(Posted on 4/12/13)

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Had ago on this older model. Damn i was impressed very powered conditions the kite boosts insane and so much hang time. Im used to c4s the nitro was so much better suited for me. Older model now but i loved this kite so much :)


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