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Kitesurfing is an awesome new sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. With adventure sports there is an element of danger which can cause harm or death so all Safety Warnings must be followed.

Get Educated

Before attempting to kitesurf we recommend you get lessons from a qualified kitesurf instructor.
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Videos are an excellent way to help  brush up on your skills. There are a number of excellent dvd's available.
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Youtube is also an excellent resource to learn some skills.
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Learn more important safety tips from these great websites.

Kite with Friends

Kitesurfing with friends is always more fun and alot safer.


KITE FLYING CAN BE DANGEROUS – Read these instructions before Inflating. By using this product the user fully understands the inherent hazards and dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.
- Never use near power lines, airports, streets, rocks, trees, houses, vehicles, including boats, bystanders or any other structure.
- Observe the weather conditions and do not use this product in thunderstorms, offshore, overly strong or gusty winds.
- For adult use only. Learn how to fly competently before using this product.
- This product is not a floatation or flying device and should not be used as one.
- Always wear safety equipment such as helmet and when using in water, a personal floatation device.
- Always allow the kite to dry before storage. Do not overinflate and have any damage repaired immediately by a qualified repair facility.

Safety Options

The Controller3 has 5 safety control options:

4 LINE - Standard 100% de-power

This is the standard out of the box option. It is the safest option for your 4 line kite with the ability to 100% kill the power.

4 LINE - Suicide Restricted 100% de-power

This option is for people that want to do unhooked tricks but still want the option to 100% de-power when using the quick release on the chicken loop. For experts only.
See Video 1 to set up the Suicide option.

4 LINE - Min 5th line 90% de-power

A favourite option amongst wave and freestyle riders that like to ride unhooked. When released the kite will de-power 90% and will be able to quickly retrieve for a fast relaunch.
See Video 1 to set up the mini 5th line option.

5 LINE - 5 line option 100% depower

The Controller3 can be converted to a full 5th line system to be used with any 5 line kite. A 5th Line Conversion Kit has to be purchased separately and installed.
See Video 3 to set up the 5th line option.

6 LINE - 6 line option

The Controller3 can be converted to a full 6th line system to be used with any 6 line kite. A 6th Line Conversion Kit has to be purchased separately and installed. There are 2 line length options, 20m, 24m.
See Video 4 and Video 5 to set up the 6th line option.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Quick Release

The Chicken Loop Quick Release is a simple push away system.
See video to release, re-engage and set up for the Suicide safety option.

Control Bar

The Control Bar can easily be set at 55cm or 45cm to better suit your kite size and riding style.


Our De-Power system is controlled by the Cleat and De-Power ball.


The Cleat can be positioned up and down the chicken loop line so you can position with in easy reach and to suit your riding style.

De-Power ball

The De-Power ball can secured quickly to the chicken loop line to keep excess line out of the way.

Floating Stopper

The Floating Stopper can easily be positioned and push force adjusted to suit riding style.


The Flying line can be set at 2 lengths to suit your riding style. 20m and 23m.
Kite attachment points can be changed to suit any kite configuration.


You can connect the controller to the kite in 3 easy steps:

- After pumping up kite untangle bridle lines and lay out on the ground.
- Layout and untangle controller lines.
- Connect lines to kite following color name tags.

Regular Maintenance Checks

All kiteboarding equipment should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure maximum life and reliability.
The Switch Controller has some key areas that should be part of your regular maintenance check.

CARE - Chicken Loop Line

If you are noticing your main chicken loop line is getting worn replace before it fails.
I new chicken loop line is available here.
Remember to Calibrate lines when after you have replaced the chicken loop line.

CARE - Swivel

To get the best performance from your swivel it is recommended you regularly maintain it.

CARE - Chicken Loop

These 2 videos will show you how to tighten the chicken loop and how to remove the donkey dick.

CARE - Calibrate

The lines may stretch after prolonged use so to keep your kite and controller perfectly tuned we recommend calibrating your controller regularly. If you have changed or replaced any lines on the controller a calibration must be done before controller is used again.
If you are using a Switch Kite with another manufactures bar it is very important to check calibration.

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