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Real freestyle performance anyone can enjoy.

The impossible has finally become a reality. Bill and his team have developed a high performance wakestyle C kite featuring the usability of a modern freeride kite. A massive wind range, combined with 100% depower and light bar pressure, allows the rider to keep on practicing the most technical tricks long after you would usually become fatigued. The freerider and freestyler can both enjoy the forgiving and easy nature of this true C kite without sacrificing performance.
Choose from either the 5 line or 6 line option to custom tune your Legacy to your personal preference.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbWhat makes the Legacy a revolution?

Direct Kite Control - You always know that your kite is exactly where you want it.
Stability - Legendary C kite stability.
Line Slack - Massive unhooked freestyle advantage.
Huge Wind Range - A two kite quiver is now possible.
100% Depower - Confidence in any wind conditions.
Light Bar Pressure - Keep riding for longer.
Easy Re-launch - Pull the outside line and the kite will roll out of the water quicker than many freeride kites.
Custom Configurations - 5 line or 6 line flying option, add pop or increase depower, adjust turning speed or bar pressure

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbIs this kite right for you

Do you have any freestyle or wakestyle ambitions? Are you working on your first raleys or love powered mega loops? This user friendly, high performance C kite is the one for you. Featuring light bar pressure, massive depower and easy re-launch. These attributes make the Legacy the first choice for riders of any level.


Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbDesign Team Notes

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbBill Hansen - Designer

“I m p o s s i b l e !”
2 years later, after abundant prototypes, endless testing, heated discussions and never-ending setbacks, we finally achieved the impossible and have created the first true C kite that makes generations smile. Your kids will be practicing doubles like the pros, you will appreciate the smooth and delightful handling during kite loops and your dad will be cruising with a big grin on his face, reminiscing about the evolution of the sport.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbMarc Jacobs - Pro

“Hands down this is the best kite I have ever flown. I now manage to land my doubles even when my takeoff is not perfect.”

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbFelix Pivec - Legend

“Since the beginning of time, C kites have been perceived as having minimal depower and only being suitable for the seasoned pro to bust out the most radical maneuvers.”
“The Legacy is definitely the world's first C kite that can be handled by any rider from novice to pro. The depower capabilities make the kite very easy to use - no matter if you want to simply free ride or go large like Marc Jacobs.”

Kiteboarding Legacy Freestyle Kite. Sizes 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbCustom build your quiver

Custom build your Kitesurfing gear. Kite plus Kite Bag plus Kite Pump

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbOpt out and save

You now have the option to customize your new quiver.
Opt out the Kite Backpack and/or Pump and save.
Just un-tick the items you do not need in the Buy Now section below.


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Detailed specifications and performance criteria

 Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbDetails //Legacy

Switch Kiteboarding Select Heading Kite Details

Flat Span

C/L Chord

Flat Area


Span (m)

Area (m²)


Area (%)





































 Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbPerformance //Legacy


New to Sport



Light bar pressure 
Low end 
Turning Speed 

Big Air

Kite Loop Speed 
Kite Loop Power 


Downwind drift 


Line Slack 
Direct bar feel 

 Switch Kiteboarding Arrow ThumbWind Range //Legacy

This kiteboarding kite wind range scale is only a guide. Different skill levels, conditions and board types can effect range. This chart is based off a 75 kg Rider on 135x41 Twin Tip.


































Kiteboarding Kite Details Aspect Ratio Kiteboarding Kite Details Chordo Kiteboarding Kite Details Flat Area Kiteboarding Kite Details Flat Span Kiteboarding Kite Details Projected AR Kiteboarding Kite Details Projected Area Kiteboarding Kite Details Projected Area


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Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Safety

Kitesurfing is an awesome new sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. With adventure sports there is an Legacy of danger which can cause harm or death so all Safety Warnings must be followed.

Get Educated

Before attempting to kitesurf we recommend you get lessons from a qualified kitesurf instructor.
Kitesurfing SchoolsWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding

Videos are an excellent way to help  brush up on your skills. There are a number of excellent dvd's available.
Kitesurfing Instructional dvd'sWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding
Youtube is also an excellent resource to learn some skills.
Kitesurfing Instructional Youtube videosWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding

Learn more important safety tips from these great websites.

Kite with Friends

Kitesurfing with friends is always more fun and alot safer.

Switch Kiteboarding Logo Thumb WARNING!

KITE FLYING CAN BE DANGEROUS – Read these instructions before Inflating. By using this product the user fully understands the inherent hazards and dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.
- Never use near power lines, airports, streets, rocks, trees, houses, vehicles, including boats, bystanders or any other structure.
- Observe the weather conditions and do not use this product in thunderstorms, offshore, overly strong or gusty winds.
- For adult use only. Learn how to fly competently before using this product.
- This product is not a floatation or flying device and should not be used as one.
- Always wear safety equipment such as helmet and when using in water, a personal floatation device.
- Always allow the kite to dry before storage. Do not overinflate and have any damage repaired immediately by a qualified repair facility.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Activate

To take full advantage of all Switch Kitesurfing support and security systems log-in to your account to insure all details are up to date and activate the Watchdog security system.

Switch Kiteboarding LOG IN

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb5 line or 6 line Configuration

The Legacy comes ready to fly in a 5 line or 6 line configuration. Remove the configuration option you do not want to use before flying.
To Set up your Switch Control bar 5 line or 6 line go to the Controller manual.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Custom Settings

Custom set up the kites performance to suit your riding style.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Pump up

Find a safe area, take you kite out of the bag and pump it up.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Use


Switch kites are made to take a beating but there are a few things you should avoid to increase the life of your kite:

  • Rocks, Shells and anything with a hard edge can damage your kite.
  • Wave breaking on the kite can damage your kite.
  • Left stored pumped up in the sun and wind for long periods of time will damage materials.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Pack up

Packing up your kite is as simple as setting it up:

  • Disconnect flying lines from the kite, let the air out of the kite, roll it up and place back in its bag.
  • Insure kite is dry before packing away.

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Care

Following these care tips can significantly increase the life of your kite.


A regular quick visual check can help pick up issues before they become problems. Many kiters perform these checks when setting up and and packing up their gear.

Things to look for:

  • Uni pump system - Are all valve seals in place and all uni pump hoses free of damage and connected securely.
  • Bridle lines and attachment point - Are are lines free of damage and attached correctly.
  • Leading edge and canopy - Holes, scratches and damage from crashes.

Always store your kite dry and in a cool place away from UV light and any harsh chemicals.


If you have crashed your kite or your kite has rubbed against a hard or rough surface check for damage immediately. If damage is small and you can fix with your Switch Kitesurfing 1st Aid Kit, do so immediately.

If affected area is large get it repaired before you use it again.
Kite repairsWebsite Link Switch Kiteboarding

Switch Kiteboarding Arrow Thumb Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind all our gear 110%. In the highly unlikely event of an equipment failure we'll sort out the issue for you as quick as possible.

Switch Kiteboarding Lifetime Warranty

Reviews ★★★★★

Reviews //Legacy 1

Enjoying itReview by Ana
Great Kite, great colors, the bar is a little bit heavy but the kite works perfect, the bag is nice and you can open the back zip to make it almost double size to put 2 kites in it.

It's a nice kite for freestyle, for going unhooked and make some tricks, has a great slack. I got a 10m feels great in the air, turning is easy and if you lack of pressure on the bar you can adjust it and its perfect. (Posted on 8/09/16)
Perfect freestyle weapon for heavy ridersReview by Paul
i bought the 14m legacy to be able to do freestyle in low winds. had a 12m rpm on 27m lines before my legacy and needed an upgrade -> the legacy is it in every aspect!!!

Want to point out the stability of the canopy which is very comfortable for my almost 90kg ... can't compare that to 3 strut kites!

will add an 10m soon to replace 10m and 12m RPM's ... (Posted on 8/03/16)
Amazing Kites - incredible wind range and perfect feel in the airReview by Jon Siddall
This is one really special kite.
Had first flight on the 8m ‪Legacy‬. OMG it is A-fricking-Mazing 32-42mph.
(75kg rider, 140 Livewire with Boots, 5 line setup)

The wind range on it is huge. So much better than any other kite I flown. Sweet loops and fantastic pop. You guys have made the best kite ever !!! Its way better than Naish Torch I was riding previously. Cant wait for next session on it.

Tested it on depower first and it can handle alot of wind !
Ride is much more fun on Pop setting, Big Air.
Loops like a dream.
Unhooked is fantastic, great pop and the perfect amount of slack.
Has a very precise feel to it, you always know where it is when doing tricks.
Spanked it into the water a couple of times, build quality is rock solid.
Easy water relaunch for C kite.

This kite really will put a HUGE smile on your face when riding.
Switch have actually made the perfect kite.
If your considering buying this kite GO FOR IT !!
I guarantee you will be massively impressed.
(Posted on 7/03/16)
Just receivedReview by Yann
Just received, so beautiful, good quality, all the manuals to convert the kite to 5th lines on the web.

Only 6 days between order and delivery in China, and no tax. Great job Switchkites !!!

I will give more feedbacks soon. (Posted on 28/02/16)
Legacy = VEGAS KILLER :DReview by Sebastien
Just recept my legacy 12m² (BLACK FRIDAY POWER ). I already own or ride Combatv1/v2 /Nitro 1-2-3-4-5 :mrgreen: / Element 1-2-3 and now LEGACY !

So like you i found the legacy amazing, I use it in 20m line, easy, lot of power, lots of slack line, stable, easy to relaunch for a "C" 5th line.

If i 'm allowed to compare it with another C kite, i gonna talk about vegas, for me both look and feel very similar. This kite is perfect to land unhook tricks and learn new tricks.
Inconvenient/Advantage Loop are slow but kite don't move when he is at 45° in unhook tricks. Gonna use my nitro for Loop session ;)

(Posted on 12/02/16)
Absolutely friggin amazing kite!!!!Review by Jay
I don't even know where to begin. I will apologize in advance for the expletives I'm using for my enthusiasm of how much I love this kite.
This kite is F'ing amazing. I creamed my drysuit so hard riding this thing today I sprained my asshole. Its so damn good for unhooking even in really strong winds. It was blowing 25 to 35mph and I was on the 12m Legacy. Let me start by saying I have been kiting since 2001 and I have always hated c-kites. I did not like the combat 2 but am in love with the Legacy. It turns soooooo good for a c-kite with the perfect amount of bar pressure so you always know where the kite is. The pop, jumping, depower, relaunch, and hangtime is just as advertised. I have been riding Nitros from the beginning and elements as well. Also tried my new Nitro 5 12m today for the first time which is also awesome, but liked the Legacy waaaaay more!!! I cannot wait until I get to a warmer climate to practice handlepasses because this kite is going to make them so much easier for me.
In case anyone is wondering I had it rigged with 5th line and on the longer front line setting on the kite today. I cannot wait til my next session with it.
Switch team rider
My referral code 207977 (Posted on 20/12/15)
Hands down best kite I have riddenReview by Andrew
I was a bit skeptical about trying the Legacy as Mark's Combat's were kites I did not enjoy riding. Instead I rolled the Elements for 2 years, I found the Nitro a bit slow for me given I had leaned all my tricks on the Elements. Looking for a more freestyle friendly kite for the 313 and Blind Judges I bought the 12M. Ok so what Switch haven't told you is this Kite is super friendly and really fun to ride, predictable and safe. What they haven't told you is the boost is insane. I was over rotating on every invert and had to slow all my tricks down. Landings were a breeze on the knees and the kite was always there when I needed the power. When I say this kite boosts I was 50 foot in the air on my third jump, you can send this very high ! Predictable boosty 5 line kite = perfect. (Posted on 15/12/15)
awesome all round kiteReview by Andre
I have tried this kite as my friend has one. Its a great all round kite with good boost and good down wind drift for the surf. A great improvement from the previous model (Posted on 12/12/15)
The Legacy is AmazingReview by ZP
I finally got a chance to ride my new 10 meter Switch Legacy today, and it is simply an amazing kite. After riding major five-letter brands for a decade I had my reservations, but I ended up being more than pleasantly surprised. Winds were in the low 20's with gusts up to about 35 and the kite handled the gusts beautifully. This kite boosts big. Turns are crisp and kiteloops are smooth and fast with constant power delivery. What's nice is that the kite is smooth with a direct feel and you know where it is at all times. Unhooking even in strong gusty winds feels easy on this kite as ample line slack is provided along with good pop. Overall, I'd say the kite excels toward the top end of it's range and some other 10m non c-kites may have better bottom end. Relaunch is excellent with no need to pull the 5th line. After a number of crashes today I found the kite just sitting on the edge of the window ready to be launched.

Construction is bomber and complete. It's got one pump, bumpers on the LE, re-enforced trailing edge and (I think) a triple stitched LE. I rode it 5 line, but you can easily set it up in a 4/6 configuration if you wish.

The Legacy is the best freestyle kite I've ever ridden. Simply put the Legacy isn't just a world-class C-kite, it's a world-class, top tier kite period. :thumb: (Posted on 13/11/15)
AusomeReview by Paul
I never flew a "C" Kite before but after chatting with Felix I decided to order one. I installed the 5th line and hit the beach. I weigh 220lbs and the 14 meter Legacy performed great in 18-28 mph winds. The first thing I noticed was the super light bar pressure and of course, how fast it is. (like all my Switch kites) and how high it boosts.
I would recommend this kite to any rider. You can ride all day and not get tired. (Posted on 4/11/15)
prima prova buone sensazioniReview by Lorenzo
annunciato come il kite dell'impossibile impossibile perché utilizzabile da chi gira grosso come Jacobs e da un principiante, alla prima uscita non mi ha deluso, ottime prestazioni, range, stabilità, bisognerebbe vedere come si comporta nelle mani di un principiante però...lo proverò presto! (Posted on 15/10/15)
окReview by Vladimir
the most beautiful kite that I saw. Only I am doing freestyle. already ordered it myself. the ideal tool for freestyle riders (Posted on 4/10/15)

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Great Kite, great colors, the bar is a little bit heavy but the kite works perfect, the bag is nice and you can open the back zip to make it almost double size to put 2 kites in it. It's a nice kite for freestyle, for going unhooked and make some tricks, has a great slack. I got a 10m feels great in the air, turning is easy and if you lack of pressure on the bar you can adjust it and its perfect.


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