How to make an offer?

- Sign into your SwitchKites Account.

- Select a product from our ‘Factory Outlet’.

- Enter the amount you would like to offer.

- Click on ‘Make an Offer’.

- The item will be added to your cart.

- Proceed to checkout.

- You need to commit to your offer 100% by completing all billing, shipping and payment authorization information.

After an offer is made


If your offer is accepted payment details will be processes and the invoice/shipment process will begin.



If your offer is declined you cannot make another offer on the same product. You can make an offer on another available product.

When your offer is declined the bank that your credit card is associated with may hold your funds. This will entirely depend on your banks systems. From 1 to 7 days. If you need your funds released sooner please contact your bank.



- You can only make one offer per item per 48 hours.

- You can only have one item from the Factory Outlet in your cart.

- All offers are final. If your offer is accepted you have purchased the goods. You will not be able to cancel your order.

- Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover Factory Outlet products.


What products are offered in the Factory Outlet?

Factory seconds, surplus stock, used, previous models, refurbished or repaired products randomly selected from our warehouses.


What happens every 48 hours?

A new set of products are listed.


How will I know the condition the product is in?

All products are listed with any known defects.


When does my credit card get charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately after your offer has been accepted.


How many offers can I make on one product?

You can only make one offer per product per 48 hour period.


If my offer was declined can I make an offer on another product?



What if I buy, but don't like the item once I have received it?

Unfortunately, all sales are final and items cannot be returned.


If my offer was accepted can I make an offer on another product?

Yes, you can purchase as many items as you would wish as long as your offers are accepted.


If I missed out on a product can I make an offer in the next 48 hours period?

Yes, if the same product becomes available.


Are there any shipping charges?

No. We ship for FREE anywhere in the world. However, you are responsible for your local import and sales tax charges if you are purchasing outside Australia, European Union, New Zealand or USA.


If an item is listed as new, used or refurbished, is it covered under warranty?

Yes. All products sold through our Factory Outlet are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.


I have placed an offer, won the item and want to add another product, can I do this?

No. Factory Outlet products cannot be combined with other Switch purchases.


Can I send products from the ‘Make an Offer’ website to a friend as a gift?

Yes you can. Just add your friend’s shipping address.


What does “Time left” mean?

All products are listed for a 48 hour period only. The time displayed on the top right hand corner displays the remaining time you have left to make an offer.


How safe is it to purchase used or refurbished items?

We do not sell heavily used items through this website. All used products were returned within a short period and are in as new condition if not stated otherwise. You can expect:

- A fully functional and operational product.
- A product refurbished with replacement parts.
- Stains and other signs of use.
- Small repairs such as canopy patches or replaced panels.
- Scratches, dirt, sand and salt water deposits.
- Packed in other than our original Switch packaging material.

The condition of each item is described in detail on the individual ‘Make an Offer’ item page. All products sold through our ‘Make an Offer’ website are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide detailed pictures of all items and feel our description is sufficient to describe the conditions of each product perfectly.


Do I need a Switch account to make an offer?

Yes you do. Since we need to track if you already made an offer within the last 48 hours we need your account information.


Why do I have to enter my credit card details before the offer is accepted?

The offer system is based on the idea that you get one chance to put forward your best offer on a product and commit to purchase at that price if your offer is accepted. To achieve this we get you to authorize payment before the offer is accepted or rejected. This is an authorization only and prior to the offer being accepted, no funds are taken from your credit card. If your offer is declined then the authorization is voided and nothing further happens. If your offer is accepted, only then are funds taken from your card. This two step process will be evident on your card statement as an 'authorization' and seperate 'void' or 'capture' as distinct transactions.

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