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Looking for all round performance that you can lay it on the line on any terrain. Let the Element3 take you to new horizons.

With the Elements new powerful profile we have increased the low end for those marginal days on the water, land or snow. Its increased wing tip size has improved stability allowing effortless control in gusty conditions, giving it a big thumbs up for teaching someone the basics to nailing your first handle pass. With the introduction of stronger and also lighter materials the Element3 is built to withstand the daily punishments that Mother Nature may hand out. A hardwired bridal system allows for a direct bar feel with instant depower on command making it effortless to demolish any wave in your sight. The user friendly 3 strut design gives the Element3 a compact feel that allows for instant water relaunch.

If Simplicity, Performance and Versatility is what you are looking for go no further. The Element3 is here.

Is this kite right for you?

All skill levels, from the novice getting lessons to the pro practicing handle passes and the surfer hunting the perfect wave. The Element is the 1st choice for riders that like to give everything a go but want to keep their kit simple with one model of kite.

What's new?


New for Element3 are increased wingtip sweep allowing a significantly shorter bridle with a higher front line attachment. Improved de-power and a crisp, direct feel with slightly faster turning are the result. The strong points of the Element2 are retained with a smoother, more refined response which improves the Element3's range of use, particularly in waves. Control de-powered is also improved with less rear line slack sheeted out and bar pressure remains low with a degree of feel letting the rider naturally sense kite position at all times.

  • Instant response to bar input
  • Effortless hang time and unhooked performance
  • Flawless drift abilities for wave riding
  • Smooth Depower
  • Stable but responsive


Element3 is constructed of several new fabrics under testing at Switch for over a year. New canopy materials include a combination of new double ripstop fabric with trailing edge panels of a more stable, higher strength double insert fabric to reduce TE stretch and retain shape with continued use. A doubled canopy reinforcing patch at the strut-front connections significantly decreases the potential for catastrophic canopy failures in extreme use or crashes. Dimension-Polyant 175LL remains for the leading Edge tube for ultimate structural stability and strength.

  • Stronger Materials
  • Stronger Construction
  • Light weight


Custom build your quiver

Opt out and save

You now have the option to customize your new quiver.
Opt out the Kite Backpack and/or Pump and save.
Just un-tick the items you do not need in the Buy Now section below.

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Detailed specifications and performance criteria

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Flat Span

C/L Chord

Flat Area


Span (m)

Area (m²)


Area (%)























































 Performance //Element 3


New to Sport



Light bar pressure 
Low end 
Turning Speed 

Big Air

Kite Loop Speed 
Kite Loop Power 


Downwind drift 


Line Slack 
Direct bar feel 

 Wind Range //Element 3

This is only a guide. Different skill levels, conditions and board types can effect range. This chart is based off a 75 kg Rider on 135x41 Twin Tip.






































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Kitesurfing is an awesome new sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. With adventure sports there is an element of danger which can cause harm or death so all Safety Warnings must be followed.

Get Educated

Before attempting to kitesurf we recommend you get lessons from a qualified kitesurf instructor.
Kitesurfing Schools

Videos are an excellent way to help  brush up on your skills. There are a number of excellent dvd's available.
Kitesurfing Instructional dvd's
Youtube is also an excellent resource to learn some skills.
Kitesurfing Instructional Youtube videos

Learn more important safety tips from these great websites.

Kite with Friends

Kitesurfing with friends is always more fun and alot safer.


KITE FLYING CAN BE DANGEROUS – Read these instructions before Inflating. By using this product the user fully understands the inherent hazards and dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.
- Never use near power lines, airports, streets, rocks, trees, houses, vehicles, including boats, bystanders or any other structure.
- Observe the weather conditions and do not use this product in thunderstorms, offshore, overly strong or gusty winds.
- For adult use only. Learn how to fly competently before using this product.
- This product is not a floatation or flying device and should not be used as one.
- Always wear safety equipment such as helmet and when using in water, a personal floatation device.
- Always allow the kite to dry before storage. Do not overinflate and have any damage repaired immediately by a qualified repair facility.


To take full advantage of all Switch Kitesurfing support and security systems log-in to your account to insure all details are up to date and activate the Watchdog security system.


Pump up

The main points to follow when inflating your kite:

    • Safe Area - Find and area clear of an shape objects.
    • Secure Kite - Connect the pump to the kite.
    • Air Pressure - The correct air pressure will help keep the kite shape when flying and relaunching.
    • Safety Checks - Clip off "one pump" strut valves and check leading edge, canopy and bridle lines for damage.
    • Secure Kite - Place kite face down pointing into the wind with something like your board fins up to weigh it down.

Attach lines

Set out Control Bar lines and attach to the kite insuring the bridle is not tangled.



Switch kites are made to take a beating but there are a few this you should avoid to increase the life of your kite:

    • Rocks, Shells and anything with a hard edge can damage your kite.
    • Wave breaking on the kite can damage your kite.
    • Left stored pumped up in the sun and wind for long periods of time will damage materials.

Pack up

The main points to follow when packing up your kite:

    • Dry - Let the kite completely dry.
    • Safe Area - Find and area clear of an shape objects.
    • Deflate - Unclip strut valves, unscrew main valve and place sideways in velcro cap.
    • Roll - Place bridle line on kite and slowly roll up pushing all the air out.


Following these care tips can significantly increase the life of your kite.


A regular quick visual check can help pick up issues before they become problems. Many kiters perform these checks when setting up and and packing up their gear.

Things to look for:

    • Uni pump system - Are all valve seals in place and all uni pump hoses free of damage and connected securely.
    • Bridle lines and attachment point - Are are lines free of damage and attached correctly.
    • Leading edge and canopy - Holes, scratches and damage from crashes.


Always store your kite dry and in a cool place away from UV light and any harsh chemicals.


If you have crashed your kite or your kite has rubbed against a hard or rough surface check for damage immediately. If damage is small and you can fix with your Switch Kitesurfing 1st Aid Kit, do so immediately.

If affected area is large get it repaired before you use it again.
Kite repairs

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind all our gear 110%. In the highly unlikely event of an equipment failure we'll sort out the issue for you as quick as possible.


Reviews ★★★★★

Reviews //Element 3

11m Element 3Review by Kiters
Great kite with a good low end for an affordable price with the Make an offer option! Good allrounder. (Posted on 23/09/15)
SmoothReview by Matthijs
I've bought a 11m2 Element v3. First impersion is a solid kite. The guys of Switch Kiteboarding are using excelent materials. The stitchingwork is nice and the one-pump system works fine.

After flying the kite on the water the overall impression is just smooth. The flying, jumping, steering, everything is just smooth. You're always knowing the position of your kite because the light bar pressure.

Great kite, great brand. (Posted on 15/09/15)
Great tech makes me happyReview by Alex
Newbee look:

Compared to whatever else it looks so technically advanced. Everything is fit and prompt.

It is so easy to set up for me as first time player.

I've got Element 2 13m and Element 3 9m. They are so close and yet so different. Great job. (Posted on 26/06/15)
Great All-RounderReview by Ben
Tested this kite out a couple of times. (a mate has one) and I find the turning so fast and so easy to use. (Posted on 31/05/15)
Element 3 7m rocks too!Review by Salvador
After first having bought a 5m Element 3, I decided to get a bigger one too, a 7m for the days when there is not much wind. As I am quite light and ride a surfboard, 5 and 7m are pretty much everything I need.

I reviewed the 5m a few weeks ago, and now just a few words on the 7m, after I finally got to test it yesterday. It has the same smooth and ease feeling as the 5m, though it obviously turns just a bit slower. Conditions yesterday were 16-18 knots onshore, with quite a strong current, but I managed to ride pretty comfortably. Taking a wave (1m max) once in a while, and the kite drifted easily with me down the line, even with the onshore conditions. So that confirms the great fit for wave-riding. Upwind performance seemed OK too, though difficult to tell for sure as the current wasn't really helping. Turns can be made wide or small, depending on the input given to the bar. I flew it on the standard setting, max turning speed, and narrow bar settings.

Overall I think that this completes my quiver 100%! (Posted on 25/05/15)
I rate the Switch kites pretty highly on both quality and flying characteristics.SWITCH KITES As good as any other kite. I was a skeptic at first as well, but with the help of a local team rider, I was very pleased. So I got a 11m ELEMENT3, and love the kites. I was torn between the Wainman and Switch, but pricing closed the deal.

Construction: is top notch, I can't find a difference between these kites and my '11 Switchblades and my buddies Fuse, material seems a bit lighter, but I can definitely see a difference between Flexifoil Ions (my old kites) and any kite, really, I think Flexifoil build bomb proof kites.

Kite: flies reaaaaally good, very fun, extremely responsive, super fast, and I mean freaky fast relaunch. One thing though, can't keep the kite overhead much on gusty days, tend to fly past you and stall out of the sky, I know you aren't supposed to keep kites overhead anyways, but from time to time I do to rest a bit. but as long as you keep it at 1 or 11, all good.

Bar: is ok, nice as cabrinhas, not as simple as flexifoil's, seems a bit fragile with so much plastic, but so far so good. Is simple, it works, a bit on the heavy side though. I love the 1 bar fits all. No more 2-3 bars.

Transaction & Shipping: smooth transaction on their site, great support forum, incredibly good customer service (so far), shipping was incredibly good, had my kites in 3 business days

Overall, I'm really happy with mine, I didn't fly one before I bought one, just cause the winds here in the summer suck, and I was mainly trusting the shape, and if the kite does what they say it does, and from talking to a few guys that ride them in different locations, it did wjhat I was hoping it would do.

Try to fly one. Hope it helps.

I would totally recommend, these kites Good luck! (Posted on 19/05/15)
My first kiteReview by Rankwien
I learned to kite with my friends gear and I love my switch element. Stable in the air, great upwind qualities and always relaunches with ease. Also very durable, my friend ones crashed it hard on the beach and one of the side struts emediatly deflated. When I looked i to it I just had to replace a 0,27 cent part wich took me 2 or 3 minutes. I would recommend switch kites to anyone. (Posted on 2/05/15)
Love ItReview by Jeff
I just got the 15m and had a chance to get out this week. Started in 15 mph winds with significant gusts. As the afternoon progressed, steady winds bumped up to around 20 mph and I just depowered a bit. Super smooth and stable. The kite turns amazingly well and is actually quick. I really can't find any negatives. Highly recommended. (Posted on 23/04/15)
Brilliant kite!Review by Dave
Don't change anything! This kite does everything well! Better than any kite I've ever flown. I love it on a surfboard, fun boosting on a twin tip. Fast yet friendly! I've flown SS rallys & BRM Clouds & Ozone Catalysts & Ozone C-4's. This is the best kite yet. I love the bar. I was a little nervous when I 1st saw how long the bridles were thinking there could be issues with wing-tip wraps but I haven't had an issue. Relaunches great. Maybe the most perfect all-around kite ever made. Build quality is fantastic as good or better than any of the kites I've ever flown. I really can't wait to take this kite to the coast for legit waves. (Posted on 15/04/15)
All riding covered! Review by Kaito
I've been flying the Element3 9m for a few months & must say, its a HUGE evolution from the Element1 that I upgraded from.
The Element3 does everything Switch claims, and then some! I ride a surfboard, twintip, and skimboard. With the Element3, I can drift down the wave faces with my surfboard, wake-pop with my twintip, plus boost & enjoy a very decent hangtime, and smile while freeflowing flatwater carves with my skimboard; ALL with ease and confidence!
I've been enjoying flying the Element3 9m so much, that I find myself always trying to be on it. Whether its light wind, or high wind, the Element3 9m handles it all very comfortably for me at 70kgs.
On my Hellfire surfboard, I can hop on and cruise around while others are on 11 & 12's, and can even fly the 9m when its windy and others of similar weight are on 7 & 8's...! The range, and comfort within this range, makes for a VERY satisfying ride!
Bottom line - If you ride & want to have fun on various water states, with various styles & boards, the Element3 will deliver! - and make you smile while you session
(Posted on 13/04/15)
Element 3Review by Jaendre
The Element is very silky! I owned method V1 kites and this element v3 is way less schizo!
The bar pressure is light, and still provides enough feedback to know where the kite is.

The kite is quick turning and doesn’t require a lot of input but the kite is not flying off at the slightest movement of the bar. The kite pivots nicely , with minimal to no power as it pivots, then it grabs the power quickly as it starts moving away.

The kite absorbs gusts easily; in fact, I didn’t really notice the gusts just from feedback from the kite. The kite's upwind ability is very good.

This kite is easier, smoother, and more stabile than the method -- this made it a lot of fun and less work; so easy to fly it without thinking much about it. I recommend this kite for beginners and those who like the pivot style in their kite.

good quiver for element 9 and 13 Review by windyjump
Good kites to looking for free style maneuver and freeride.

Excellent design for control bar and pressure is comfort.
(Posted on 11/04/15)
ellement 11 greenReview by Scott
The Element is very silky! I owned method V1 kites and this element v3 is way less schizo! The bar pressure is light, and still provides enough feedback to know where the kite is. The kite is quick turning and doesn’t require a lot of input but the kite is not flying off at the slightest movement of the bar. The kite pivots nicely , with minimal to no power as it pivots, then it grabs the power quickly as it starts moving away.

The kite absorbs gusts easily; in fact, I didn’t really notice the gusts just from feedback from the kite. The kite's upwind ability is very good.

This kite is easier, smoother, and more stabile than the method -- this made it a lot of fun and less work; so easy to fly it without thinking much about it. I recommend this kite for beginners and those who like the pivot style in their kite. (Posted on 3/04/15)
good quiver for element 9 and 13 Review by windyjump
Good kites to looking for free style maneuver and freeride.

Excellent design for control bar and pressure is comfort. (Posted on 1/04/15)
okReview by Vladimir
element3 13 m. kite sewn very well, has a fairly large wind range and good features. missing edges videos that is good for the speed of the kite. the kite is very happy. (Posted on 30/03/15)
Element3 5m ... great kite!Review by Salvador
Finally was able to test the recently ordered Element3 5m.

Conditions were just enough to go out with that size (normally would have used a bigger kite but I mixed up the bags...).

Kite proved to be very responsive, much more than the Method 5m I had before. Turning the kite is smooth and easy, not pulling you off the (strapless) board.

Drift seemed good too, which is crucial for down-the line surfing.

I have to say that I need to test the kite with more wind, but so far so good! (Posted on 26/03/15)
very wellReview by Nadezhda
ride on this kite for 2 years) kite perfectly sewn and has good flight characteristics. in combination with a good price becomes the ideal kite (Posted on 25/03/15)
Element V3 15 meter reviewReview by alex
Bought a 15 meter Element V3 for low wind riding. I am 70 kg or around 155 lbs and have been riding for 3+ years so I can described myself as an beginner/intermediate rider. Riding a 136X42 crazyfly pro LTD carbon TT.

First impression : construction is bomb proof, solid stitching, double rip-stop, re-enforced trailing edge, scuff guards ---- all the latest 2014 technology.

Water test : I only used the kite for a couple sessions, primarily in low wind condition - 10 knots to 18 knots. At around 10 knots, I was able to ride but go down wind and loose ground a bit. After 3 - 4 tacks, I had to do the walk of shame . At 11 to 12 knots, was able to hold ground & went upwind. At +12 knots, started to have fun, did couple of downloop kiteloops and was amazed of how fast the Element turned. Was able to boost at +12 knots. The jumps were decent but not really high - very comparable to my other kites (cabrihna and Ozone). At around 18 knots or around 20 mph, begun to feel overpower and loosing ground because I often had to go downwind to bleed off excess power. Water relaunch is excellent. All and all, very decent kite for decent price.

Thing that could be improved upon : move the inflation valve location so it won't rub or press into the fabric when I fold the kite. A bit higher aspect ratio would be good for better hang time and upwind capability. (Posted on 24/03/15)
best all round kitesReview by Andre
I have tried almost all the switch kite models and other major brands and I must say the the element 3 has the best all round features, The kite can be used in any terrain and has good down wind drift ideal for wave riding, I currently own a 12m and 16m nitro 4, but will most likely get the 9m element 3 as my third kite. (Posted on 16/03/15)
Great all round kiteReview by Andrew
I have an element 3. Although the Nitro 4 is my favourite kite, I find the element a great all round kite. Great upwind, great downwind, excellent kite for the surf but also an excellent kite for flat water. I currently use the element 3 for training my students (Posted on 9/03/15)
Element v3 11m Love this kiteReview by Jay
This is my first element since the v1 was released and believe me its light years beyond that kite. I love how fast and smooth the turning speed is. Its so fun to kiteloop especially if you don't want massive power in your kiteloops. In the waves its a dream. If Switch ever gets this kite to boost like a nitro I would only ride Elements. The 11m meter is also a great snowkite as well absorbs the gusty winter winds very well and is forgiving too. (Posted on 24/02/15)
Best all round kitesReview by Andre
I have tried almost all the switch kite models and other major brands and I must say the the element 3 has the best all round features, The kite can be used in any terrain and has good down wind drift ideal for wave riding, I currently own a 12m and 16m nitro 4, but will most likely get the 9m element 3 as my third kite. (Posted on 20/02/15)
GoodReview by Niklas
I have a Element 13m of the first generation. It is a good/strong quality built kite. it is a steady kite but it might be a little slow in the turnings. its a perfect kite for beginners. I assume that the latest modell is even better than the first one so i can strongly recommend this kite! :) (Posted on 4/02/15)
5Review by Oleg
Good afternoon! I ride in Russia! I have two sizes of 13 m and 9 m. Kite excellent .Very stable .horosho pulls .Very reliable. Two sizes fully cover the range of winds. Ride on water and snow -Kite never let .Otlichnoe sotnoshenie quality and price .Hochu upgrade your equipment is Switchkites (Добрый день ! Я катаюсь в России ! У меня два размера 13 м и 9 м . Кайт отличный .очень стабильный .хорошо тянет .Очень надежен . Два размера полностью перекрывают диапазон ветров . Катаюсь по воде и по снегу -Кайт никогда не подводил .Отличное соотношение качества и цены .Хочу обновить оборудование именно ) (Posted on 3/02/15)
Very goodReview by Thierry
(size tested: 9m) Very good kite. Easy to fly, stable and predictable. Good low end and smooth depower. Very good for all round twintip riding, super with a surf. (Posted on 1/02/15)
Great kite for beginnersReview by Tom
I'm a beginner, I've been flying a Cabrinha Switchblade then I got a Switch Element 3 and I can already tell with limited experience what a great kite it is... So much more smoother. Unlike the Switchblade which is a very aggressive full-on kite, the Element 3 stays parked where you want it to and you can forget about it, enabling you to focus on your boarding skills which is important for a beginner. Heaps of de-power as well. Smoother turns etc... fantastic kite to fly. (Posted on 5/01/15)
Element V3 13m reviewReview by Russell
Upgraded to the V3 from the V1 and I'm super stoked that I did. Long story short: more grunt, more lift, more pop, more slack, more turning speed, more wind range. But the biggest surprise for me was the stability and predictability. I've only taken it out twice and right away I've been landing tricks far more consistently than before. I can't wait to round out my quiver with a 9m and 7m for the surf. And finally, it just looks really good! I can't wait to see what switch do with the Element V4! (Posted on 11/12/14)
Element 5m Review by Valentin
Es el kite para condiciones fuertes, se comporta bien con rachas, es rápido pero manejable. Lo tengo en color verde , es bonito ese color, y los acabados y el tejido son muy buenos. He notado que permite mas altura en los saltos que la 2 y que te sigue en los giros incluso en condiciones muy racheadas.
Para Surf es una maquina en straples te sustenta mejor que la v2 y ayuda en los cambios al girar. (Posted on 8/12/14)
The big easy! 15m ElementReview by Lorenzo
I got this kite for the light wind days. I already have been using Switch kites for about 3 years now, but I only had nitros (10m,14m, 2 12m). Compared to the nitro I found the kite to be a bit easier (smoother) to handle. Not always good if you want the raw power of the nitro, but at least you know you won't superman during a kite loop gone wrong ;)

The 3 struts work really well with the big size. It makes the relaunch easy and the kite doesn't have difficulties in staying in the air with light wind.

When the wind picks up you feel safe since the depower is really good. Of course the kite will drag you downwind when you reach the high end of the kite, but never you feel out of control.

Self launch and landing is really easy, even in gusty conditions.

I ride in generally really gusty conditions and along with the Nitros I never had problems in going out and having fun!

Jumping and unhooking are really much fun, like with all of Switch kites!

Together with the Marc Comp big board it is my best light wind setup yet!!! (Posted on 4/12/14)
15 M was greatReview by Jon
I got the 15 M E3 a few weeks back and took it out to Crissy with my MJ Comp2 last Saturday. It stared out 14-16mph but quickly picked up to 16-20. Gusts may have been higher. I didn't mind too much though because it allowed me to test out the depower. I normally fly Ozone Edge and got this as a low cost lighter wind kite I figured I wouldn't use that often so the price/ride was attractive. The kite is very solid. My friend, who rides foils and ozones (like most at Crissy) said it looks like a "freight train". And it does, but that is because of size, but it fly's really well. I have flown the Zephyr 17m with the outside lines attached in the middle and flew this, as Ralph suggested, with them on the lightest setting and it felt like I was flying my 13M Ozone Edge. It is much higher aspect, at least seems that way than the edge's, but wasn't an issue getting upwind. The only thing I can say is that it doesn't handle quite as well when depowered as the Edge's do but the relaunch, as expected, is way better. I barely had my lines figured out and was getting ready to relaunch before the thing was in the air and it had inverted a couple times. I have only really flown Ozones so this was a nice surprise. The word is getting out by the way. My friend introduced me to a regular at Crissy, whom I had seen from time to time and when he saw the kite, he said, "are you a Euro guy?"...My friend said, "Switch is gaining momentum here, ever heard of Bill Hansen?" I thought to myself, "and he thinks he is a Crissy local?". Wait till Bard,Kevin and Chip all show up flying a Switch! (Posted on 13/11/14)
Awesome Kite Review by Uncle Pauly
I purchased a 2014 Nitro 3 second hand from a friend of mine. Great kite but, this baby blows the Nitro (and all the other Kite's on the beach) away!!!! I weigh 235 lbs and my 15 meter Element 3 pulls better, turns faster and Boost much higher than any other kite I have tried. The hang time is amazing and she is great on the chop.
I love it so much I bought the 13 meter too! (Posted on 27/10/14)
Really good quality !!Review by Fred
Really good quality kite and really fast shipping!!! (Posted on 24/10/14)
essaie element 9mReview by Julien
j'ai essayé sur une session l'élément 2 de 9 mètres. Kite impressionnant, qualité de construction est excellente. Super stable dans l'air, même dans des conditions de rafales de Active; rapide bien propulsé dans les virages. pression de bar est assez léger et encore beaucoup de sensation pour savoir où se trouve l'ailel. Relance est automatique et facile. Une autre aile impressionnante de Switch mais ma preference reste la nitro. (Posted on 9/10/14)
BuonoReview by leites
Migliorato molto, reattivo e affidabile! (Posted on 23/09/14)
Very stable kitesurfReview by Carlo
Ho testato il nuovo Element 3 nella misura di 11m, la vela risulta molto stabile sotto raffica, facile da usare, nei loop gira molto veloce senza tirare tanto, hang-time considerevole, molto morbida alla barra ma al contempo diretta, sai sempre dov'è. unhooked stabile e non va in backstall, tessuto sempre al top. Bella vela provare per credere. (Posted on 22/09/14)
So far so good!Review by Aaron
I'm new to the sport and this kite has helped me progress quickly! The 13m pulls me upwind in 20mph winds no problem, and even though I had it depowered the majority of the time, I was still going much faster than other people with similar sized kites. I'm 195lbs and ride a 142 twin tip. One thing I really love about the kite is how fast it relaunches out of the water after a full speed face plant :) pretty much effortless! I just bought the kite and used a Best V3 bar which is all I have right now but they seem to work perfect together. The construction seems great but I admittedly don't have much to compare it too besides my 10m Best TS which is nice too but only when its blowing hard. The valve is large and allows a super fast and easy inflation, probably twice as fast as my TS! I really wanted the black/grey and orange but they were out of stock so I ended up getting the green...super stoked on the brightness of it, looks great in the sky! So far I'm 100% pumped on Switch kites! (Posted on 11/09/14)
Element v3 11m²&7m²Review by Matthieu VAUTIER
Ce que je prefère en kite c'est le freestyle/Wakestyle en chausses
Cependant j'alterne également avec des sessions surf (pour ménager mon dos ...)

Switch affiche que la Element 3 est plus typée vague ... je la trouve cependant très performante en Freestyle également.

J'aime mon aile en freestyle dehooké (elle est bien plus stable que les précédentes et lors du passage de barre elle pardonne plus, il est également facile de se créer du mou. De plus la traction est régulière et on ne se prend pas d'accoup lors des moves).

En surf la 7 est top, j'aime un peu moins la 11 (un peu lente), bien que l'on puisse connecter les arrières différemment pour améliorer cela ... mais bon je ne suis pas un puriste en surf alors ça passe et je me fais quand même bien plaisir.

J'ai dernièrement testé une Rally Slingshot (parce que j'avais rien d'autre lol). C'est l'aile typée vague de la marque.

Et en effet en déhooké elle ne marche pas bien du tout ! c'est le jour et la nuit avec la Element 3

En bref j'adore ma Element v3 et cela bien que ma pratique préférée reste le wakestyle déhooké (j'ai d'alleurs passé mon premier lowmobe dernièrement avec ma Element v3 ;-) ). C'est une aile polyvalente (redécollage plus facile que la combat, confort de naviguation) mais performante en freestyle !

J'espère vous avoir éclairé

Je reste à dispo si besoin (coordonnées via la carte de démos)

Bonne journée

@+ (Posted on 9/09/14)
Element 3, epic!Review by Lee
Had a couple of sessions on element 3 11 metre. Awesome kite, build quality is second to none. Super stable in the air even in gusty conditions of 17-28 knots. Turns fast but not too pivotal so powered through the turns, and turns well sheeted out. Bar pressure is light enough and still plenty of feel to let you know where kite is in the sky. Relaunch is automatic, so easy. Another awesome kite from Switch. (Posted on 2/09/14)
Switch Element V3 9m (ITALIAN REVIEW)Review by GIUSEPPE
Appena arrivato il nuovo cucciolo all terrain del brand neozelandese, testata la 9mq, da un primo impatto i materiali e le rifiniture sono al top, cambiato il ripstop con il nuovo Chang-Ho 06742 taiwanese e si sente già al tatto, molto belli e d'impatto i maori e le nuove grafiche arancio fluo, spacchettato oggi nel nostro home spot di Capaci(PA) con tavola da surf strapless Firewire Hellfire 5'10", 16-18 nodi, mare choppato, 50 cm di onde e bidirezionale 135x40, rider 90kg a secco, il kite ha una stabilità incredibile e già dal primo lancio promette feeling, molto fluido e più veloce del v2 in tutta la finestra di volo, nei downloop non ha esitazioni e il drift è piacevole e costante, non strattona anche quando viene strapazzato, per strambare basta pensare solo di volerlo fare, bolina migliorata, sulle onde sembra un kite da wave puro, ti segue e galleggia anche lasciando tutte e due le mani della barra, insomma come sempre con l'element tutto viene da solo ed ELEMENTare! (Posted on 27/08/14)
kite for a big smileReview by Rien
As Switch rider from the start I have had the Element V1,V2 and was stoked from the start after riding Bandits for 5 years and Rebels before that. The Element V3 is no exception.

Not only is the quality of the materials is outstanding (the V3 has a new canopy that is lighter and more durable) the handling of the kite is too.

This kite is one of the most stabile kites arround, once in the air it feels comfortable and you dont have to think twice where it is and will be, the handling is direct and wihtout to much barpressure (you can increes this if you want, just love this!!).
The turning speed allows you to respond instantly to whatever situation, quick turns, moves or to avoid collition course of less experienced kiters.
Jumping and tricks are no showstopper for this allround kite because of the power and pop thats in this kite, you can and will perfect every move you want with this model!
Waveriding is big fun because of the smooth and direct turning and stability.

If you are a beginner or pro, this kite is not only suitable for cruising but even excelent for hardwind sessions on water, snow and land just because it is predictable and stabile!

As a rider with somewhat adonislike features like 95kg I ride a 7 and 11 and covers a windrange from 16-35 knots on a MJ2Comp 136.

Like to ride without compromise? like to have fun and dont worry? take this Element and you will not be dissapointed!

(Posted on 27/08/14)
Element 3 9mReview by Hudson
Oh my gosh, where have I been with my quiver. Flew the Element 3 9m and am totally hooked on this kite. For 8 years have been flying the top three brands, and SWITCH ROCKS!!! This guy Bill is the real deal designing kites. The build quality is superb and everything Switch says is true. Turning through the wind window holds the power all the way through even looping no hesitations. Selling all other kites and making the SWITCH. (Posted on 24/08/14)
elemnt 5Review by Enrico
is very good kite for wave! (Posted on 22/08/14)
element 7Review by Enrico
is very good kite for wave! (Posted on 22/08/14)
element 9Review by Enrico
Is very good kite for wave!lovely (Posted on 22/08/14)
Element 13Review by ALES
Really good quality kite. Good made, quality materials, simpel.
The kite is really powerful and stable! Nice for make tricks. Also V3 is faster than V2.
Good hang time.

Good Job Switch (Posted on 20/08/14)
Different but good!Review by Bianca
Today I had a change to give the Element V3 a spin. Two mates bought an 11M Element V3 after they tried my Element V2. I flew in marginal conditions for an 11M, high tide current with only 16 knots.

The new material
I was impressed with the new canopy material. It feels really nice and solid. I also like the new canopy construction, especially at the crossing of the centre strut and the LE. This place seems to be a weaker spot in the Element V2, but in the V3 it looks very durable. By the way I love the orange color on the wingtips. It seems to light up when clouded or getting dark.

New design
The new wingtip design makes this kite look smart and fast. And indeed, this kite steers noticeably faster than my 11M Element V2 that I could ride back to back that evening. Because of the new wingtip design and the shorter bridle, the kite sits somehow differently in the window. It doesn't fly upwind like I'm used to on the V2. But still very good. Though I really had to get used to the different position in the window because I'm so tuned in to my V2's.

Flying the kite
This was a dream because of the faster steering and direct response, I could put the kite anywhere I liked. Still the kite was stable in the air. Where the Element V2 tends to be a bit jerky, the Element V3 gives a smooth and stable response. Even with some more line slack, the kite still reacts well to input. This must be a big plus when flying in its high end. Sending the kite for jumps and transitions has obviously been improved because of the faster response. After some getting used to, this is a really nice attribute for the Element V3.

Sweet spot and bar pressure
I like to fly my kite with the bar near the chicken loop. So I can have some throw on the bar to sheet out and back in. To anticipate to the always messy and unpredictable North Sea. In the Element V3 the sweet spot is located higher in the throw. Personally I don't care much for that. Also the bar pressure is much higher than the V2's. This for me was a disappointment. After sometime on the water I had to stop. In combination with the Switch bar grip and the higher bar pressure, I just could not continue because hands hurt too much. If the bar would be a bit softer and without ridges I think I could manage the higher bar pressure. So I think this is more a problem with the bar, then the higher bar pressure from the V3.

Very good all round kite. I love the color options. But also the optional pump and bag. The bag sleeve is very nice. Good thinking there. The kite is however different from its predecessor. If you are coming from V2's keep this in mind. For first time Element riders this kite is all you could wish for in an all round kite.
(Posted on 16/08/14)
InterestingReview by Bear
Having just made a change from flying North Vegas kites to elements i can say i am pleasantly surprised although there are a few minor differences which i do miss. Here are my specs, 80 kg, freestyle rider, best profanity board and boots.

I have flown the 11m element 3 mostly and it is really good for unhooking and has helped me progress some of my tricks nicely and i would say is pretty much the same as North provides. Turning is quick and responsive and it loops very nicely, i am yet to try it out in the waves but there appears to be allot of reviews for that anyway. The depower and safety release system on the kite is more or less the same as the Vegas. The bar looks like its not of solid construction but seems to be holding together well. Setup is easy and quick.


Packing the kite away is a pain, folding it when its windy is difficult, North allow you to just roll from one end to the other which makes it very easy to pack away in a hurry and in windy conditions (if switch could provide a guide to packing it away quickly and effectively that would be good). The shape of this kite means it is a little harder to water relaunch than the vegas but have fitted a 5th line to solve this potential problem. On the bar and lines no matter what i do there always appears to be twists in the lines either down at the depower line end or above the swivel, naturally i untwist them using the part above the safety release but they just keep reappearing. On the bar the quick release system (Which is basically identical to the north Iron heart safety system) can be difficult to push back together and does not seat properly if not completely free of sand and rubbish. Finally the donkey dick keeps slipping out if i do a freeride trick i have noticed so i end up check it constantly which is quite annoying. My friend who pruchased a nitro 3 has the same bar and lines issues as myself so can only assume it is a design issue.

Overall i would say kite is of great construction, reacts well, give a pleasant feel to the user and performs like it says. The bar i think could do with a few tweeks like making the donkey dick a little larger and making it so the iron heart is not so easy to Jam ( i never had an issues with the north iron heart). I think if you want to get into the sport buy some quality kit and save allot of money compared to the competitors then switch kites are your answer. The element 3 is i would say is better than the nitro 3 (which i have flown) from my point of view as it is just a bit more fun. I am far from dissapointed with the kite but seems like the bar issues could easily be solved with a little refinement.

Looking forward to buying the MJ comp 2

(Posted on 12/08/14)
You will love itReview by Joris
The Elements simply kick ass in all conditions and all styles.

A big windrange and superb stability with awesome pop for high jumps and a safe landing.
This kite supports me in evrything i wanna do with it.

I have used it for landboarding, snowkite and all styles on the water and never experienced a safer and more powerfull feeling than with the element kites.

That counts for all the element kites since the first model now up to V3

Never even jumped higher with any other kite i have ever tested or owned before.
The element supports all the needs for starting as well as for expert riders.
Even my girlfriend can handle it.

As a kite-instructor i used it many times for teaching and would even strongly recommend the element as the first kite for students.
Im sure they will never wanna change it for any other kite.

And that has nothing to do with the price !!!!

Big thanks to switch for the good work.

(Posted on 5/08/14)
9m Element3Review by Elyes
Adepte de la Element , j'ai déjà apprécié les améliorations apportées à la version 2 (vous pouvez voir mon review Element V2). En essayant la version 3 il y a j'ai noté quelques différences et améliorations:
Plus de plage basse, plus de vitesse et de contrôle direct.
la pression en barre est plus élevé.
ses capacités en surf on été bien amélioré (même si je l'ai essayer qu'avec des petites vagues). pour les tricks strapless l'aile aide beaucoup avec une sustentation intéressante en passant par le zenith.
en déhooké elle a un très bon pop mais vu qu'elle est plus rapide que la V2 il me faudrai plus de temps d'adaptation.
en freeride , l'aile a gagner en puissance et vitesse avec des kiteloop fluides et serrés générant une puissance légèrement inférieure a celle de la V2.
la construction et au top et elle me parait plus légère.
je l'ai en Vert , j'adore le nouveau design.

(Posted on 3/08/14)
Simply the best Wave kite EVERReview by ICE
Testing with some friends in 25Kn and big waves...
Two of my friend are Top Brand promoter.
First Promoter (Scottish Brand) say: "it is painful to say but... this is the best wavekite I've ever used!"
Second Promoter (Italian Brand) say: "Nothing to say, I'm amazed! It's the definitive all-around kite."
I've not obtain the permission to declare brand and rider name...
After this, what else I can say???
(Posted on 27/07/14)
11m ElementV3Review by EM
Ho provato l'Element 3 11m per 1h oretta con 15nodi, e devo dire che mi ci sono trovato molto bene. Facile, veloce, discreto low end e buon hang time.

Qualita' prezzo sicuramente uno dei migliori kite in commercio. (Posted on 25/07/14)
Element3 in the wavesReview by Elvis
I have been flying the Element3 since the release and have to say this kite Rocks in the Waves.
Its Fast,Responsive and very predictable.
It has allowed me to focus on riding the waves instead of focusing on my kite.
The kite basically is on Auto pilot.
If you are into waves give this kite a go.
Elvis. (Posted on 23/07/14)
Easy choice for a first kite quiverReview by Lordybob
I had the opportunity to get another kite and expand my quiver from the 11m Element 2 which I have owned for a year now. The 3 is reliable, strong and looks awesome! So stoked to be able to compare the two kites. The features that were prominent in the Nitro have come into play with the Element, including a neoprene valve protector and heavy duty build.

It's awesome to keep learning on. I'm 5 ft 7 and 70KG (134cm ASP board) so the 13m suits me well in 15 knot winds well down to 10 if you are good at moving the kite! I crashed it onto the Eastbourne beach into some dry seaweed and sticks several times and it has yet to look at all damaged.

It's great to see Switch are keeping on par with kite developments and producing a simple, clean and powerful product. I have no complaints, event after riding Naish Rides etc. (Posted on 20/07/14)
1er dia con Element 3 7mReview by Valentin
Muy buenas sensaciones con el nuevo material, que permite divertirnos , aunque el viento era realmente muy racheado 20 a 40 nudos.

Mi amigo Albert Salva probó el material, ahora tiene un problema, con su material sentía mucho mas el viento racheado , y no se le ocurría probar ningún truco, sólo cambiar a Switch Element 3 y la MJCompV2 , probó hacer algunos pequeños kiteloops etc.

El kite me pareció mas rápido que la Element2, preferí ajustar la velocidad al nivel medio el viento era muy racheado, y se consigue mejor altura en los saltos pero no tanto como la nitro 3, perdonarme no hago muchos trucos aunque los saltos resultaban fáciles.
La probé en strapless con tabla de surf, y me seguía el kite de una forma increíble, no se desventaba nunca.

La calidad del tejido del kite me parece lo mejor, también los acabados igual que la Nitro 3 de la capucha de la válvula de aire y el acabado del one pump, excepcional. (Posted on 17/07/14)
Switch Element v3 15m light wind Review by peter van wellen
Recently i've bought the Element v3 15m.
When i unboxed it i was surprised about the light weight construction from such a big kite.
When i was at the beach the wind dropped to +- 10 knots so i was a bit disappointed but decided to give it a go with the 135x41 Mj comp v1 and my body mass of 70kilo i managed to sail up and down a bit not the most ideal conditions but i had a nice session anyway.
I've also the V1 Element and i really like the improvement of the line slack that the V1's had .
The V3 hooks up straight out the box no line slack direct bar input response . updating my quiver at the moment ;) try them out and become Switched . (Posted on 16/07/14)
Element v3 13m2Review by Alban
Really good quality kite.
The kite is really powerful. I love it.
Good hang time.
I love my 13m for light conditions.

Good job (Posted on 16/07/14)
Very good Wave KiteReview by andrea
Monday at 12 I leave the house and meeting the courier has arrived ....! Element v3 9m!! I head to the beach (where I work) and I find 20-23 knots! I think it is a sign ....... rig and go in the water! The sail is really good, runs fast, download wind very well, absorbs the gusts, again from the water quickly. The only flaw is that you do not hold much in the jumps in the air. I had the v1 9m and this is definitely a step forward. (Posted on 2/07/14)
Unboxing Element V3Review by Stephan
I just received my Element V3 in 11m

Like always it was easy to order from the website and i got the kite at home in 3 days.

Small detail that is nice, all the boxes are with the Switch logo.

When you order your kite now, it's delivered in a light fabric bag with a sticker giving the brand and the size. This will be useful when you travel and don't want to have too much weight.

You can order separetely a kite bag which is generic but with a plastic name tag holder on the top.

I really like the new design and colors: orange, grey, black.

The fabric looks much stronger than on my Nitro V2 which comes from the new materials used: "New canopy materials include a combination of new double ripstop fabric with trailing edge panels of a more stable, higher strength double insert fabric to reduce TE stretch and retain shape with continued use."

Great improvement is the protection cap on the one pump valve.

Ear wing is more open like Seb is saying in his review above.

You have different positions for your lines on the wing tip:
- More bar pressure
- More turning speed

The watchdog is still here wich can be useful if you loose your kite.

Looking forward to test it on the water.
(Posted on 23/06/14)
9m ReviewReview by Tes
Thanks to Felix I was able to try out the Element 3, 9m yesterday at Moks. This is a fantastic kite -- smooth, stable, and strong. It performs very well at many things.

I'm a somewhat functional intermediate kiter, 155 lbs, and usually on a surfboard. I usually fly a Bandit 11m (v.1), and Switch Method 2, 7m. I've also flown a few Naish kites. Yesterday, when I flew these kites I was on a 5’4’’ Cabrinha S-Quad surfboard, and the wind that was around 15-17 mph.

The first thing I noticed was how small the kite was -- Felix put me on a 9m! This Element3 has lots of low end grunt. I had plenty of power. As a contrast, Felix also put me on a 10m Nitro 3, which also had plenty of power.

The Element is very easy to fly. “Smooth” is the best overall description of this kite. The bar pressure is light, and still provides enough feedback to know where the kite is. The kite is responsive with sufficient and clear input, this doesn’t require a lot of input but the kite is not flying off at the slightest tweak and twerk of the bar. The kite pivots super-smoothly on a wingtip, with minimal to no power as it pivots, then it grabs the power quickly as it starts moving away. This is like my Bandit, but quicker and more steady. Moving across the wind window the Element is quick but not super-fast like my Method 7m.

The kite absorbs gusts easily; in fact, I didn’t really notice the gusts just from feedback from the kite. The kite's upwind ability is very good.

My interest is primarily waves and I was amazed by how the Element performed here. While riding down the line on waves, the kite drifts well. Its drift is a little herky, jerky, but it keeps its nose up as it moves backwards. When I was ready for power, a little upwind turn on my board and the kite was pulling me along.

I jumped a few times and it performed well. I'm a beginner at jumping so I can't say much about that.

This kite is easier, smoother, and more stabile than any other kite I've flown -- this made it a lot of fun; so easy to fly it without thinking much about it. I would strongly recommend this kite for beginners and those who like the pivot style in their kite. I had a difficult time choosing whether to get the Element 3 or Nitro 3.

In the end, I decided to purchase the Nitro because I like the constant input from that kite, even in the turns, and the incredible wind range it provides. But if I’d love to have the Element 3 in my quiver for those days when I want to got out and have fun and forget about the kite. (Posted on 23/06/14)
English version ! A must have kite !Review by queney sebastien
Condition :
Caribbean, sun, see, salt, warm, 12 to 17 knots.
Experimented rider, Own Element V1-V2-V3 - 13m², Nitro V2-V3 - 10m², Combat v1 v2 - 13m²,9m²
75 Kg with small board 130cm.
Style : Freestyle and Airstyle, level backmobe, 313,… board off

General :
I found that the kite respect what switch say, all terrain and versatile.
Very accessible, good power, Unhook hability, Hangtime hability, good speed in the turn, surfer say that it turn great and stay stable in the windwindow. Fast in the loop (Short circle) with medium power. Good relaunch in light wind and more.

For sure it's an all around kite !

Construction :
V3’s rules and material.
Incredible design with orange color, gray canopy (not full black), and a sort of gray+brown for the older white parts. People find it smart, "you have to wear a tie" say a good friend.

Guy on the beach was amazed about the construction and the finition. When you touch, it's easy to feel that canopy is better compare to the other version (V3’s rules ;). Canopy is reinforced at the trailing edge, no water relaunch system on this version, a lot of material change, can’t talks more about that because I don’t have all the specification of the material use.

Biggest change is on the ear of the kite, angle is more “open” witch give to the kite a better relaunch hability and better turning speed (Maybe that’s why they don’t but the water relaunch assist).

Bar pressure :
Light feeling, main pressure is in the harness (front line). Quick response in the command. Feeling is closer to nitro than combat, pressure point is close to the trim compare to the combat witch is close to the chicken loop

Turning speed :
Better turning speed compare to Element2, ear profil is different. Loop circle is pretty small with medium power and good speed. If you look for full power in Kiteloop you should take a look to nitro and combat. Kite stay stable in the wind window in downloop and quick transition.

Upwind :
Good upwind hability despite a small board for the test (130cm), little bit better on nitrov3

Unhook ability :
Compare to the combat you have to pull 10cm on the trim to give to the kite all his unhook capacity. Pop is good, slack of the line is less compare to combat but still allow to make some pass ;). Compare to the direct of feeling of combat, and the better turning speed, you have to pay attention to the position of your hand to keep the kite in the right position.

Boost/Hangtime :
I found a better feeling in Airstyle with 10cm of trim (like for unhook) because I like to have the power close to the chicken when I jump. Boost are correct and hangtime allow to make some oldschool tricks. For slide, E3 is just lovely !! Darkslide and jesus style are so easy to land, sooo smooth !

Relaunch Hability :
A must for relaunch, like “Pull and play”, kite relaunch in every position an quickly in light wind for a 13m². Best kite for sure for beginner who spend more time with their kite crashing in the water… 

Switch really made it for all around, for guy’s who just wanna have one kite for different use, surf, freestyle, air style, freeride. This kite should be recommend for every rider because of a perfect accessibility, stability and relaunch. A must have for sure at low price ;) ! (Posted on 18/06/14)
A tester absolument !Review by queney sebastien
Condition test:
Caraibes, soleil, alyzée, chaleur, boardshort et 13 à 17 noeud en moyenne :p
Niveau : correcte, j'ai eu la Element v1 v2 et v3 en 13m², Nitro V2-V3 - 10m², Combat v1 v2 - 13m²,9m² donc je connais plutot bien la différence entre les modèles
75kg et board en 130cm

Generalité :
J'ai trouvé que le kite respecte bien le programme décrit pas SK, une voile polyvalente, bonne a tout faire, accesible. Gros fond de puissance dans les avant, plutot légère en barre mais supérieur à la pression de la bandit par exemple. Bon pop, slack moyen, bonne capacité de hangtime, mais surtout une grosse rapidité par rapport à la combat 13m², la voile reste bien stable en condition de surf. La voile est rapide dans les loops, avec un faible rayon de rotation et une puissance moyenne (bien inférieur à la combat qui déboite dans les loop ! Super bon redécollage

Construction :
Pas mal de matériaux ont changé, niveau de construction similaire à la nitro 3, beaucoup de renfort et de double spi. Spi renforcé sur le bord de fuite, suffit de toucher pour sentir la différence... mais je n'ai pas encore toutes les spécificités des matériaux utilisés.
Design est bien sympa en orange, gris et marron gris, la voile n'est plus full black !

Le plus gros changement est au niveau des oreilles avec un angle plus ouvert pour la version 3 (J'ai mi les 3 à plat sur le sol ;) ) ce qui lui donne de meilleur capacité de décollage et une plus grande vitesse. Suppression de la petite grille "relaunch assist".

Pression en barre :
Assez légère en barre, ca tire pas mal dans le harnais (ligne avant), réponse rapide de la voile, feeling plutot proche de la nitro que de la combat. le point de pression est assez haut, proche du trim comparé à la combat qui est au niveau du chicken

Vitesse de rotation :
Vitesse de rotation plus rapide que le E2, rayon dans les kiteloop plus petit, puissance moyenne dans les loop et plus rapide que la E2. Si vous préférez les KL avec de la grosse puissance, tournez vous plutot vers la nitro ou combat. Bon après je ne l'ai qu'en 13m²...
A priori, d'après felix pivec, la E3 a pris une grosse amélioration de ses capacités pour le surf (pas testé encore)

Remonté au vent :
Pas de changement je dirais avec la v2, ca fait ce qu'on lui demande !

Déhooké :
Par rapport à la combat, il faut trimer un bon 10 cm pour que la voile reste stable et soit a 100% de ses capacités. Gros pop, détente de ligne correct mais inférieure à la combat. Niveau feeling par rapport à la combat, c'est un peu plus difficile de caler la voile car elle est plus rapide et de toujours savoir ou est l'aile, j'ai mi qlq jours à me réhabituer.

Boost/Hangtime :
J'ai trouvé la sustentation et le feeling dans les relances meilleurs avec les 10cm de trimé car j'aime bien avoir la pression au niveau du chicken. Le hangtime est top pour faire des tricks oldschool, les darks slides et jesus deviennent easy :), plus facile qu'en nitro je dirais, avec le boost et hangtime reste toujours meilleur avec la nitro !

Rédécollage :
Et bien la c'est presque du Pull and play”, tu tire ca redécollage dans tous les sens, dans pas de vent, top pour ceux qui passe pas mal de temps le cul dans l'eau ou a se crasher ahah !

Pour terminer, je trouve la voile super bien aboutie pour une aile polyvalente, a priori le secteur surf a pri un gros coup d'amélioration (a tester). Une bonne aile pour ceux qui ne veulent qu'un modèle à tout faire.. (Posted on 18/06/14)

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Great kite with a good low end for an affordable price with the Make an offer option! Good allrounder.


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