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Overview //Controller2

The next generation in kite control has arrived!
Using state of the art designs, materials and manufacturing processes, we created a unique, highly sophisticated kite control system entirely specified in accordance to our customers’ feedback.

 The safest option
Featuring instant 100% flag option using either the single front or optional 5th line system, internal and low friction quick release mechanism, kinesiology friendly above the bar depower, rounded soft bar ends and a strong fail safe leash. All parts are strength tested in our lab to confirm the calculated fail point.

 The best custom riding experience
In a few simple steps you can easily customise Controller2 to fit your riding style. Safety flag options, bar size, cleat position, flying line length, line pigtails, floating stopper push away and below the bar swivel force can all be modified to get your ride exactly how you like it.

 Extreme testing
All components have been tested under extreme conditions in our lab and in the harshest conditions around the world. Nothing is used that doesn’t meet our strict and high standards.

 The world’s first truly universal control bar
Controller2 can be used with any sheet able traction kite. Inflatable or foil, 4 or 5 line, single front line flag or 5th line flag, high or low front line Y split,  wake style or wave, water or snow any one can enjoy the next generation in kite control.
To use the full 5th line function on the Controller2 you will have to install a 5th Line Conversion Kit.


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Technology //Controller2


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Manual //Controller2


Kitesurfing is an awesome new sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. With adventure sports there is an element of danger which can cause harm or death so all Safety Warnings must be followed.

Get Educated

Before attempting to kitesurf we recommend you get lessons from a qualified kitesurf instructor.
Kitesurfing Schools

Videos are an excellent way to help  brush up on your skills. There are a number of excellent dvd's available.
Kitesurfing Instructional dvd's
Youtube is also an excellent resource to learn some skills.
Kitesurfing Instructional Youtube videos

Learn more important safety tips from these great websites.

Kite with Friends

Kitesurfing with friends is always more fun and alot safer.


KITE FLYING CAN BE DANGEROUS – Read these instructions before Inflating. By using this product the user fully understands the inherent hazards and dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.
- Never use near power lines, airports, streets, rocks, trees, houses, vehicles, including boats, bystanders or any other structure.
- Observe the weather conditions and do not use this product in thunderstorms, offshore, overly strong or gusty winds.
- For adult use only. Learn how to fly competently before using this product.
- This product is not a floatation or flying device and should not be used as one.
- Always wear safety equipment such as helmet and when using in water, a personal floatation device.
- Always allow the kite to dry before storage. Do not overinflate and have any damage repaired immediately by a qualified repair facility.

Safety Options

The Controller2 has 4 safety control options:

4 LINE - Standard 100% de-power

This is the standard out of the box option. It is the safest option for your 4 line kite with the ability to 100% kill the power.

4 LINE - Suicide Restricted 100% de-power

This option is for people that want to do unhooked tricks but still want the option to 100% de-power when using the quick release on the chicken loop. For experts only.
See Video 2 to set up the Suicide option.

4 LINE - Min 5th line 90% de-power

A favourite option amongst wave and freestyle riders that like to ride unhooked. When released the kite will de-power 90% and will be able to quickly retrieve for a fast relaunch.
See Video 1 to set up the mini 5th line option.

5 LINE - 5 line option 100% depower

The controller2 can be converted to a full 5th line system to be used with any 5 line kite. A 5th Line Conversion Kit has to be purchased separately and installed.
See Video 1 to set up the 5th line option.

Video 1

Video 2

Quick Release

The Chicken Loop Quick Release is a simple push away system.
See video to release, re-engage and set up for the Suicide safety option.

Control Bar

The Control Bar can easily be set at 55cm or 45cm to better suit your kite size and riding style.


Our De-Power system is controlled by the Cleat and De-Power ball.


The Cleat can be positioned up and down the chicken loop line so you can position with in easy reach and to suit your riding style.

De-Power ball

The De-Power ball can secured quickly to the chicken loop line to keep excess line out of the way.

Floating Stopper

The Floating Stopper can easily be positioned and push force adjusted to suit riding style.


The Flying line can be set at 2 lengths to suit your riding style. 20m and 23m.
Kite attachment points can be changed to suit any kite configuration.


You can connect the controller to the kite in 3 easy steps:

- After pumping up kite untangle bridle lines and lay out on the ground.
- Layout and untangle controller lines.
- Connect lines to kite following color name tags.

CARE - Calibrate

The lines may stretch after prolonged use so to keep your kite and controller perfectly tuned we recommend calibrating your controller regularly. If you have changed or replaced any lines on the controller a calibration must be done before controller is used again.
If you are using a Switch Kite with another manufactures bar it is very important to check calibration.

CARE - Chicken Loop Line

If you are noticing your main chicken loop line is getting worn replace before it fails.
I new chicken loop line is available here.
Remember to Calibrate lines when after you have replaced the chicken loop line.

CARE - Swivel

To get the best performance from your swivel it is recommended you regularly maintain it.

CARE - Chicken Loop

These 2 videos will show you how to tighten the chicken loop and how to remove the donkey dick.

Reviews ★★★★★

Reviews //Controller2

Bonne barre, agreable solide et bien penséeReview by Guillaume
Bonne barre pour la nitro,
le trim est pratique, car il est au dessus de la barre, facile de l attraper . De plus il ne bouge pas car grace a l aimant il se repositionne plus facilement.
La matiere de la barre est agreable, on ne s arrache pas les mains , donc top !
(Posted on 25/05/16)
Real Nice User Friendly BarReview by peter
I tried this bar with a 10m Nitro 3 bar like new had a good look over it.
Fully adjustable depower cord works really easy.
Loving the 2 front line swivels the top 1 worked so well never needed the extra 1 on the chicken loop.
Tried the safety system nice easy eject and kite flagged out really well.
Only down side bar feels quite heavy compared to what im used to but overall very good bar :) (Posted on 9/04/16)
Excellent barReview by Daniel
Nice terminations, easy to use, easy to adjust all the configrations, great bar feel.
Very universal and friendly.
At first look the chiken loop looks weak, but i was completely wrong.
Great quality in all aspects (lines, materials).
Last session I been riding about 4 hours and I did not have problems with the grip.
Sometimes the swivel have problems to turn.
(Posted on 22/11/15)
Durable barReview by robert
First impression is the bar is a bit heavy. Then again its also well made. Things I like are ability to change bar size, swivel is solid, line quality great like the braided lines, ease of use large hole for the chicken line to pass through the bar. Things I don't like well for 137 bucks with my kite there's not much I can complain about great job again. Might think about tweaking the chicken loop a bit i'm sure you are aware already. O for those of you like me want to know yes the flag out system is a push away. Not sure about the leash but it was hard to push away and release but it did work fine. Im going stick with my old leash. great bar bag that comes with, so important to keep the lines out of the sun. Thanks again switch I know your here to stay keep the quality coming. (Posted on 5/09/15)
Great bar!Review by Nate
I really like how tacky the bar is when it gets wet. It's easy to use and I have had no issues with it so far. Look forward to many sessions on this bar! (Posted on 5/09/15)
V2- solid barReview by Daniel
Have been using this bar for 8 months. We kite on the beach so this bar has seen lots of sand and salt. I do wash the bar off with a hose after each day of kiting but it has held up much better than my other bars in the past. The swivel works well, lines are still crisp, grip is nice, floats work well, safety system is easy to use and to put back together. (Posted on 27/08/15)
SuperReview by j.kite
Great bar!
On land it feels a bit heavy, but when connetcted to the kite it is one of the best bars I ever used. The grip is nicely slim and I love the gripcover- it is a bit rubbery, but feels great, even after three hours of kiting. The building quality is also great- I have seen worse at bars from more established brands.
The many options for size and safety are great, the two swivels work great.
If I absolutely had to criticise, the only thing I could say is, that some bars from other brands have slightly more elegant molded floaters/bar ends. (Posted on 27/08/15)
Switch Controller2Review by Andre
Die Switch v2 Bar finde ich sehr gelungen. Sie ist sehr variabel und lässt sich an vielen verschiedenen Kites fliegen. Die Pigtails lassen sich bei Bedarf einfach umknüpfen denn sie sind nur angeknotet und nicht fest vernäht wie bei mach anderen Herstellern. Der Depowerweg ist sehr lang und lässt sich zum einen durch die verschiebbare Adjusterklemme und zum anderen durch den Stopperball individuell anpassen. Der Adjusterweg verlängert bzw. verkürzt sich dadurch dementsprechend. Die Bar hat eine simple gut funktionierende Breitenverstellung (einfach umschlaufen) und die Leinenlänge lässt sich bei Bedarf von 23 auf 20m durch weglassen der Extensions verkürzen. Der Depowertampen lässt sich relativ einfach und ohne viel Werkzeug wechseln. Die Safety wirkt auf eine Frontleine und kann bei Bedarf auf beide Frontleinen oder eine fünfte Leine umgebaubt werden. Der Barhom ist im Vergleich zu anderen etwas schwerer und schwimmt leider nicht, dafür wirkt er sehr stabil und auch der Barbelag ist angenehm robust und sieht auch nach 20 Kitetagen noch sehr gut aus. Die Bar hat zusätzlich noch einen manuellen Swivel im Chickenloop, so ist ein ausdrehen immer möglich auch wenn der obere Swivel durch Salz ond Sand mal hängen bleiben sollte. Das QR funktionert problemlos, der Chickendick ebenso. Einzigste kleine Kritikpunkte sind für mich der Depowerball welcher sich während dem Kiten kaum an den Depowertampen klemmen lässt (ein Klett oder Magnet System wäre hier viel besser) und die mitgelieferte Safety Leash ist für Leute die sich nicht aushaken einfach nur nervig da viel zu lang, Optional eine kurze Leash Variante wäre hier schön. Das Bungee in der Safety Leine dürfte ruhig etwas elastischer sein, bei gezogenem Adjuster kommt die Safety Leine dadurch etwas lose. Zum Lieferumfang gehört eine Tasche und ein einfacher aber sehr praktischer Leinekalibrator um den Trimm kontrollieren zu können. (Posted on 19/08/15)
Great bar for great priceReview by Paul
Just started using this bar and I am very happy. Same great quality as all switch products for a good price. I really like the adjustable stopper ball which my previous handle did not have. The above the bar depower is also a must. Very happy (Posted on 14/08/15)
Sehr gute Bar!Review by Philipp
Die Bar ist besser als meine North Bar, die ich zuvor benutzt habe. Die Fail Safe funktioniert sofort, kein Zug mehr am Trapetz, sie ist sehr robust und selbst nach 4 Stunden fahren sind die Hände noch heil. Einziger Kritikpunkt: Der Depower Ball hält nicht richtig. Ich habe mir dann eine Halterung mit 2 Magneten gebastelt welche besser und einfacher funktioniert. (Posted on 10/08/15)
Simply put itReview by Leonid
Simply put it, great bar. No complaints well designed comes with a hook up for a 5 line set up, floats great, chicken loop is easy to operate, and the safety features work as needed also the grip is not to soft like some other bars so you can actually get a nice squeeze on it. (Posted on 30/07/15)
Good feel to the barReview by Tumai Ina
I really enjoy how well made the switch bar is, and compatibility between 4 and 5 lines. The diameter of the bar was a perfect size for me. Clean depower system, strong lines, and clean quick release ( compared to others). I enjoy the videos on how to take care of your bar, setup and tuning, this is awesome knowledge to have. I personally love the grip as well. Best bar to have and can be used with any kite without problems. Thank you switch (Posted on 22/07/15)
Awesome bar!Review by Dincer
Durable, affordable and feature-packed bar!
I like the adjustable throw a lot. The bar is thinner than the others I have, and is pleasant to hold onto. Only problem is the flag out line does not easily remove from the swivel. I had to enlarge the hole on the swivel slightly so that the line can slide out easily. (Posted on 15/07/15)
testReview by SweetTooth
test (Posted on 9/07/15)
Confortable barReview by Ebru
I tried this bar yesterday.
I was impressed by the huge swivel and depower ball.
I like it much better than my naish bar and I'm thinking about ordering one.
The only thing i find a bit disturbing is the blue choice of colors for left and right. (Posted on 4/07/15)
Overall goodReview by Simon
Bought this bar originally to use on my 9m Element 2 and am very happy with it.

Good quality build and easy to adjust, as I like a short throw on my depower. The stopper is great for the days with consistent wind. I did though find the rubber on the ends can perish and elastic can cut in.

I also like the swivel that works really well unlike some bars I've used.

Overall a good bar and (Posted on 25/06/15)
Me encanta esta barraReview by Carlos
Tras hablarme bien compañeros por esta barra he decido hacerme con una también. Con muchas ganas de probarla. (Posted on 25/06/15)
Controller2Review by John
I like the simplicity and adjustability of this bar. I was impressed with the swivel - under load, the upper swivel actually works, rotating the lines after backrolls, etc, and as a fall-back, the lower swivel is very easy to rotate manually. The safety release is a simple, push to release mechanism and looks simple enough to be reliable and durable. It is a bit hard to keep the depower ball on the end of the rope secured, but not a big issue, just a little fiddly. Having the left side of the bar coloured blue is a bit confusing after coming from a red/blue bar, but again, not a major issue. I'm not a huge fan of the grip, which is much harder than my previous bar, which had a foam grip, but I guess what you lose in comfort you gain in durability. Some people like the material, but for office-workers like me, it can be a bit abrasive. The overall quality and materials seem to be good. The bar is heavier than my previous bar, but that isn't noticeable when the kite's in the air. (Posted on 17/06/15)
Excellent piece of kit Review by DIMITRIS
Having the bar more than a year, i can say its an excellent piece of kit at the right price. Simple and strong, but effective in all aspects. It just works! If i would change something would be the swivel though :) (Posted on 7/06/15)
Guter PreisReview by Jens
Die Bar V2 hat natürlich eine bessere Safety als die V1. Ansonsten hat nicht viel geändert. Leider finde ich den Bargriff immern noch zu hart. Kitet man meherer Tage hintereinander, sollte man Handschuhe anziehen. (Posted on 5/06/15)
My fav barReview by Josh
I have flown all the major bars and some have some nice features.
But in the end, Switch's Controller 2 is my fav and goto bar. The price alone sells this bar, and when you hold it up face to face with any others, there is no difference in quality.

Whenever anyone starts talking bars and features I pull out my Switch bar and tell them how much it costs. The argument ends quickly. I have people flying other kites, but using the switch bar now. :) (Posted on 27/05/15)
no nonses stickReview by Naishdude
What can one expect from this bar
It has a perfect and long lasting grip, adjustable depowerthrow, you can change it length by a simple handling.
Length and width are perfectly usable for every kite on the market as long as it has this deep V on its power lines, it comes with high quality lines amongst the best available n the market!!
Very easy to take off the 3m extensions and use it as a 20m lined stick!
It is all long lasting high quality materials being used.
I have 2 bars from the beginning that the V2 controller made its appearance...of there is wind l can kite everyday as l live so to speak at the beach...and it is a sandy beach, so one thing to do to keep your controller in perfect condition is rinse it well and get rid of the sand after kiting.
I always dip my bar and depowerline into the water before starting coming from the beach, to wash off the sand before l start...this avoids any abrasive action on your depowerline, depowerline hole and your lines will lasts very long time!

Well done switch...again the proof that good quality at the right price is rewarding itself back!
Dude (Posted on 13/05/15)
ExcellentReview by Florian
J'ai trouvé que la barre était bien fini, néanmoins le grip manque un peu de confort a mon gout.

Border/Choquer : il est de bonne dimension, et il possible de mettre une butée pour les petit bras.

Trim : tout simplement parfait, c'est le système que je préfère. Dommage qu'il n'y a pas une petite poignée pour l'attraper plus facilement.

Dévrilleur de ligne : Il y en a 2, l'un au dessus des chickenloop et l'autre au-dessus du trim.

Chicken loop : largage facile d'utilisation.

Ligne : les avant on une séction plus importante que les arrières et on l'air de bonne qualité. La longueur est adaptable 20+3m (Posted on 2/05/15)
Good job for Controller 2Review by windyjump
Bought the bar2 with Element 9 and 13. First impression is most like as Nxxxx but design and build quality has enhance than that. Really impress on every details which results by bar designers. No more flip around on depower ball which can clip on depower line. Great. (Posted on 27/04/15)
Excellent barReview by beauny
The swivel is the best one, and flag on a single front line is very secure, for safe, for also landing . Very fan! (Posted on 27/04/15)
solid adjustable barReview by igor
I use it for both of my kites, solid bar, abit heavier than other bars but once you are riding its barely noticeable.
I like the grip, and the changeable bar length AND line length.
I don't like the depower ball. however its easy to replace and im going to do just that.
overall for the price = well worth it. (Posted on 15/04/15)
bar reviewReview by Scott
Yeah like the bar tension. Comes in nice nice bag with all the extras. Bar diameter and grip are nice and comfy. Depower range seems really good!!! Can be used as 4 or 5 line bar , so you can set it to your own preferance and use it on any kite you want which is pretty cool. The safety system couldnt get much more simple to use and the adjustable bar stopper is the best ive seen. One little downfall is the depower ball is hard to adjust to full power while riding (Posted on 3/04/15)
окReview by Vladimir
kontroller2 very comfortable and easy to use strap. multicoloured straps please. not a great thickness of a stick is very useful in interceptions (Posted on 30/03/15)
окReview by Vladimir
kontroller2 very comfortable and easy to use strap. multicoloured straps please. not a great thickness of a stick is very useful in interceptions (Posted on 30/03/15)
Controller2Review by Salvador
Ordered a new Controller2 with an Element3 5m, and used it for 10 days in a row. My findings:

- Pro's: bar looks great, very functional and with a lot of possibilities to finetune safety, width, line-length, etc. Bar-bag is also useful!
- Con's: grip is better than Controller1, but a softer grip would be better for my "office-boy" hands; the depower-strap system seems like a good idea, but I wonder if the plastic clasp really stays where it should, once you depower.

Overall a very good bar for an excellent price! (Posted on 26/03/15)
okReview by Nadezhda
Strap is very simple and reliable. excellent lines. two turntables that work well (Posted on 25/03/15)
Excellent in all aspectsReview by Andre
The bar has a design and features better than any other brand bar user-friendly, plenty of de power. It has a regulator which can be moved up and down. The thing I like most about the bar is the flag out safety system which is easy to put back together. (Posted on 17/03/15)
Simplicity in MotionReview by Aubrey Rangi
I like the simple no fuss functionality of this bar.

I was confident Switch would deliver a bar that would perform. In addition to performance I was looking for 2 things

Arms reach and safety (no snags)

I wanted a bar that I could easily adjust while on the fly, all within my arms reach. By following the video instructions I personalised its setup on the beach. When in the water I made a couple of tweaks, then I was away. All I needed was easily within arm’s reach. The depower ball pushed simply to a chicken line and that meant no pesky depower straps dangling about.

Most times I fly alone so being able to land my kite safely is critical to me, depending on the wind strength, sometimes I quick release the bar to land. I got a fright once when doing this, the flag line I had my leash attached to snagged, the knot at the base of the line catching on the metal ring it passes through. The Controller 2 tested fine, I know there are a couple of options, and I stuck with the out of the box one. Its safety features gives me confidence that when activated it’ll get me home for dinner.

A couple of other points:

Bar colour: Most other brands bars have an element of red / blue, Switch Controller 1 is red / black the Controller 2 is blue / black. I found this confusing, having red lines attached to the blue side of the bar, so I adjusted the bar, changing the blue lines (right) to the blue side of the bar a quick and simple task. I think the matching of line colours to the bar is a safety issue.

Leash: At first I thought what no snap clip at the quick release end. Then I thought I remember the time I put my leash on round the wrong way. So yes having to tie it in to your harness is a safer option.

Purchased a Controller 2 with a Nitro 12m, having used a Controller 1 with my Goto kite a Best Nemesis 10m. Kiting 5 years, Bay of Islands New Zealand.
(Posted on 17/03/15)
controller 2 super barra!Review by Agostino
Devo dire che la praticità nel utilizzo e le varie regolazioni possibili sulla barra sono veramente un aiuto per il kiter! !!
Eccezionale! ! (Posted on 14/03/15)
great in all aspectsReview by Andre
Apart from the Excellent price, the bar is great in all aspects. it is is one of the safest bars with its 100% flag out option, it is made from extremely strong material. The best part about the kite is its universal aspect, its design makes it compatible with most kites and sizes (Posted on 10/03/15)
Excellent DesignReview by Andrew
The bar has a design and features better than any other brand bar user-friendly, plenty of de power. It has a regulator which can be moved up and down. The thing I like most about the bar is the flag out safety system which is easy to put back together. (Posted on 8/03/15)
GoodReview by Niklas
Compared to the old bar. This one is more solid and has a MUCH better donkeydick but still a bit low bar pressure it could be a little more pressure. but its a good bar. Its a solid and good construction. I like it. (Posted on 6/03/15)
Best Bar everReview by Marius
This is the best bar, I´ve ever used. Very good handling, nice grip, very good lines and an easy to handle safety system. I´ll never change my Bar System.
This is the Bar on the market with the best price-performance ratio. (Posted on 4/03/15)
buona e versatileReview by Leites
Semplice e universale in stile switch, materiali resistenti e leggeri, qualità buona, sistemi di sicurezza comodi ed efficaci, tra i migliori disponibili. Rapporto qualità prezzo buono. (Posted on 25/02/15)
AWESOME BAR !Review by BriKite
Le Controller2 a tout pour plaire :

- Controller2 offre tous les réglages possibles et imaginables : largueur de barre modifiable en 45cm ou 55cm, longueur des lignes 20m ou 23m, 3 modes de larguage : "single front line release", "two front lines realease", et "5th line release". En effet, il est possible d'installer une 5e ligne !! (à commander en plus de la barre).

- Toutes les pièces détachées peuvent s'acheter en ligne à un prix démocratique. Un avantage énorme car c'est sur la barre qu'on doit remplacer des pièces le plus souvent.

- Des vidéos explicatives très claires, super utile quand on remplace des pièces pour la première fois.

- Le dépower est énorme. C'est rassurant dans des vents forts! Pour ceux qui ont des plus petits bras, Switch a pensé à intégrer un "stopper" qui réduit la distance entre le corps et la barre lorsque vous choquez complètement l'aile.

- Le chickenloop est fonctionnel. Très sécurisant.

- Pas de sangle pour dépowerer l'aile, juste une petite corde à tirer, ça marche à 100%.

En bref, je trouve la barre fonctionnelle, sécurisante et ergonomique. Très similaire à la "Trust Bar" de chez North. Merci Switch! (Posted on 20/02/15)
Excellent BarReview by Andre
I currently have a switch Nitro 4 kite which is the best kite I have ever had, I am using it with a slingshot bar, but over the weekend I tried it with a friends Switch Controller 2. I must say the controller 2 performed 100 times better, better turning ability, better depower and I found I had a much better wind range with the Switch controller 2. When I get some money in I will be buying one (Posted on 19/02/15)
Short demo reviewReview by yaak
Had the opportunity the demo 12m nitro 4 along with the controller 2.
Really impressed with bar quality and overall construction. Safety release worked just fine.
In this price its a bargain! (Posted on 12/02/15)
controlReview by Sergio
Complete control over kite. Depower super easy to do. (Posted on 8/02/15)
Controller 2Review by Mohannad
Very nice bar which offers a lot of control adjustments (like safety mode and height of depower adjuster) and is very simple at the same time. The quality of the build is excellent as well. I just have a few suggestions for future versions:
- A stopper ball on the main safety line would be useful to set how far the bar would go when safety release is deployed and avoid tangles.
- It will be nice if the backside of the bar is better marked, as some times it gets confusing during setup and transitions.
- I feel it is a bit difficult to fix the depower handle to the line. I think it might be easier it was magnetic or velcro based. (Posted on 2/02/15)
efficaceReview by Guillaume
cette V2 est nue très bonne évolution de la V1.
Sécu efficace, matériaux de qualité.

Elle est un poil lourde mais c'est un gage de durabilité. elle est facilement adaptable à d'autres marques du marche

Good point Switch! (Posted on 22/12/14)
Super Bar zu unschlagbarem PreisReview by Markus
Die Bar fühlt sich etwas schwer an. Auf dem Wasser und unter Leinespannung stört dies jedoch nicht mehr. Die Bar fühlt sich allgemen sehr gut an. Besonders praktisch ist der verstellbare Depower-Weg. Die Depower funktioniert bestens. Auch mit Kites anderer Hersteller funktioniert die Bar ohne Probleme und kann an jeden Kite angepasst werden. Alles in Allem eine super Bar zu einem unschlagbaren Preis! (Posted on 11/11/14)
V2 ControllerReview by Hamish
First new bar I have purchased, neat and tidy, great safety, feels great. As I am a bit short in the arms I really like being able to adjust the de-power closer to the bar for easier use. Great value, keep it up Switch! (Posted on 25/10/14)
Nice BarReview by Bjørn-Lukas
I tried this bar when I worked as a kitesurf instructor in Australia. Very Nice bar, quite similarly to the North bar, and that's a good think. Nice and simple and love the Depower over the bar. (Posted on 22/10/14)
I love this bar!Review by Oliver
I do own and also tried different bars from other manufacturers but the new Switch Controller 2 is getting more and more my favourite one. I tested this bar with several Brand and non-Brand Kites, they all perform well with easy setup. I did the 5th line conversion on a old 19.5m Wipika Matrix, no problem with this one, too, when setup is done correctly. I do like also the fact that i can adjust the Depower way since i have short arms and don`t like the bar getting far away.
The only thing that has to be fixed is the swivel that should (must) be well prelubed as in the video but sometimes not doing it's job correctly when getting dirty. Seems that it needs very much power on the front lines to do the demanded job. But Ralph told me they will release a new one soon. Seems they work on a new bearing insert which is great. I am waiting and will order this one then, but anyway you can help by twisting at the Quick Release, too.
The fact that the swivel on other high priced top brand bars also don't work very well is pushing the bar to the top. Also the good pricing for this set.
If Switch is realising the suggestion for improvements from the other reviews here, i am sure that it will get for 100% the best Kite bar on the market.
Anyway i can recommend this bar in any kind of way!
Go on Switch you have a new rider and customer :-) (Posted on 18/10/14)
STRONG BARReview by queney

Come back to you for a review after intensive use of the controller.

So what's happen after more than a year of use in Caribbean condition :
Line don't move, no sign of use or wikness.
Depower Rope, i have to change it on my main bar despite i wax it. First wikness appear after 6 month of intensive use for an unhook program, mainly close to the ckicken loop. Spare part, cheap and easy to change so no problem ;).
Depower, easy to pull or push away, with an easy attachment.
Chicken Loop, no sign of wikness, perfect durability.
Bar, grip stay soft after intensive use, color are still like new.
Float are stronger compare to v1, no sign of use.
Donkey dick stay robust compare to v1.
Swivel caps tend to move like v1 controller but never break, just have to lock it in place if it jump of.
Swivel work perfectly in light/strong wind condition, no sign of use.

So, this bar has got a very good durability. The only wikness point i can mention is the depower rope witch is used after 6 month of intensive use (Everyday in Caribbean).. but it's not really a pb because it's easy to change and very cheap in spare parts.

Hope this reviews help you ;) (Posted on 4/10/14)
Controller V2Review by Sebastien
J'aime bien la barre avce un petit diamètre, elle est ferme et semble solide.

les finitons sont top.

Couleurs tendances, deux dévrilleurs ça c'est bien pensé.

la qualité est là. Le système de largueur est facile a utilisé et est efficace.
Systeme de suicide leash c'est top pour le freestyle.

le prix est top. (Posted on 2/10/14)
Testata da quasi un anno e approvata al 100%, nessuno segno di usura o cedimento, gia' la barra v1 andava piu' che bene, paragonandola al prezzo di listino degli altri brand questa v2 costa la meta' senza pregiudicare qualita' e fattura, si sente gia' dal primo contatto, aggiunto il grip che risultava quasi assente nella v1, cambiati i cavi ora di carico maggiorato anti-stiramento, nuova swivel ottima e funzionale e una sicura "veramente sicura" con vare opzioni di montaggio:


Il tutto adattabile anche ad altri brand grazie ai settaggi e i vari nodi sotto i floats!! (Posted on 2/10/14)
Nice Bar Tension and Super VersatileReview by Shane
Yeah like the bar tension. Comes in nice nice bag with all the extras. Bar diameter and grip are nice and comfy. Depower range seems really good!!! Can be used as 4 or 5 line bar , so you can set it to your own preferance and use it on any kite you want which is pretty cool. The safety system couldnt get much more simple to use and the adjustable bar stopper is the best ive seen. And just realised cleat height is adjustable (a mate winged about it being too high so that problem is solved ). Oh and below bar swivel too untwist your lines after doing tricks. (Posted on 29/09/14)
Nice Bar Tension and Super VersatileReview by Shane
Yeah like the bar tension. Comes in nice nice bag with all the extras. Bar diameter and grip are nice and comfy. Depower range seems really good!!! Can be used as 4 or 5 line bar , so you can set it to your own preferance and use it on any kite you want which is pretty cool. The safety system couldnt get much more simple to use and the adjustable bar stopper is the best ive seen. One little downfall is the depower ball could be hard to reach for someone with short arms. (Posted on 29/09/14)
Very good productReview by Manuel
strip of very good quality) all works well without delay
The bar allow you to choose flag mode (see video) wich is great!
I use one Front line flag for 4 lines kites and 5th flag for combat.
You can connect in suicide leash to keep the kite in air when missing the bar, but having 100% depower on 5th line if you push the realase (in case something go wrong... like take off or landings) (Posted on 28/09/14)
Perfect barReview by Sergey
good performance organizer & setup lines, good pigtails, universal bar size, comfortable grip
Perfect quality!!! (Posted on 25/09/14)
Happy / Muy contentoReview by Arnaud
I love this bar !! great setup in 4 lines and 5 lines, Good grip, Perfect bar size, Good quality
i also used it with my north REBEL 5lines and Perfect

Me encanta esta barra !! Funciona con 4 o 5 lineas (probado con mi north rebel y perfecto) buena qualidad y buen tamaño de barra, el grip tambien es muy bueno.

Gracias switch (Posted on 1/09/14)
Controller 2Review by Will
When I got the controller 2 I was very excited because it is easy and safe to use.
This bar is very strong so that means they won't stretch at all. when I tried this bar I instantly felt the difference. I will never stop using this bar.
Ride hard (Posted on 31/08/14)
good quality and priceReview by Enrico
perfect bar is very functionality lovely (Posted on 22/08/14)
One of the best bars on the marketReview by Martin
The Controller2 is a fantastic bar with all the functionality you could want.
It offers multiple configurations on safety and how the kite are flagged when QR is drawn:
simple front line
dual front line
5e line
mini 5e line

Smooth and robust QR that you won’t pull by mistake. Though it is easy to trigger when the need arises! Easy to reconnect.
Smooth with a ring to attach the leash to. The ring can also be rigged around QR loop when you want to run "suicide leash" for unhooked riding where you do not want to flag the kite.
Really fat lines that are of a completely different material / manufacturer than the previous Controller1 boom. This means that these do not stretch as easily as was the case with the previous bar.
Very smooth swivel above the chicken loop which makes it very easy to roll up the twisted lines after rotations or kite loops.
Slim and comfortable grip on the bar, which lay nicely in the hands without generating blisters.
Good reinforcements at the point of contact at the pigtails on the kite.

Conclusion: clearly improved bar from previous version with super quality lines and materials. One of the best bars I've seen in my more than 12 years kitesurfing.
Highly Recommended.
(Posted on 22/08/14)
En av de bästa bommarna på marknadeReview by Martin
Controller2 är en fantastisk bom med all funktionalitet man kan önska.
Den erbjuder flera olika konfigurationer gällande säkerhet och hur kiten flaggas när QR dras:
enkel frontlina
dubbel frontlina
5e lina
mini 5e lina

Smidig och robust QR som man inte drar utav misstag. Samtidigt är den enkel att utlösa när behovet uppstår! Enkel att återansluta.
Smidigt med en ring att fästa leashen i. Denne kan även riggas runt QR öglan när man vill köra "suicide leash" för urkrokad åkning där man inte vill flagga kiten.
Riktigt feta linor som är av ett helt annat material/tillverkare än den tidigare Controller1 bommen. Detta gör att dessa inte ändrar längd lika lätt som var fallet med den tidigare bommen.
Väldigt smidig swivel ovanför Chicken loopen vilket gör det väldigt enkelt att rulla upp snodda linor efter rotationer eller kiteloops.
Smalt och skönt grepp på själva bommen som ligger fint i händerna utan att generera skavsår.
Bra förstärkningar vid kontaktpunkten vid pigtails på kiten.

Slutsats: klart förbättrad bom från tidigare version med superbra kvalité på linor och material/lösning rakt igenom. En av de bästa bommarna jag har sett under mina dryga 12 år inom kitesurfing.
Rekommenderas varmt. (Posted on 22/08/14)
Controller 2 is a very good bar for a very fair price!Review by Stefan
After using the Controller2 bar now for a lot of sessions I want to give my feedback here.
I like the materials it is made of! It offers a perfect grip! It is also very durable; I have no wear at all.
The Quick Release is like the one on the V1 bar. Works perfect even under rough conditions. It is also easy to reattach in the water. The donky dick is a little bit stiffer than the old one on the V1 bar. This prevents unwanted release of it. The leash attachment is perfect for half suicide mode.
The new depower ball is great. For me this new system works perfect, a lot better than the V1 Valcro system. I have no problems with the clip system get loose.
The adjustable stopper is also very good and nice to readjust.
I also like the new colors and design!
As always the lines have a very good quality. I never had problems with my lines. Also the 20 meter + 3 meter extension is perfect.
The automatic swivel does not work for me. But this is no problem because you can de-twist very easy at the quick release manually. I know no bar from other vendors where the automatic de-twist works fine. In my opinion an automatic de-twist is not necessary and makes the bar unnecessarily expensive.
The safety always works very well and the bar is really great. The price is unbeatable I really recommend this bar!
(Posted on 19/08/14)
First rate piece of kit at any priceReview by David
Like most consumers investing in something that's significantly cheaper than the alternatives, I had my doubts about a bar and line set that comes in at over a hundred pounds less than most other bar sets. As it was my intention to use it as a back up for my Bandits I figured it was worth a punt, but when it turned up and I took it out for a test I felt a little humbled by my earlier reticence. I had a little fiddling to do with the pig tails, because f-one use a larks head on both front and back lines, but after that the bar worked perfectly. The quality of the components is up to snuff and as I'm not affiliated with the company I don't mind being frank and referring to the fit and finish as at the straight forward no fuss end of the spectrum. The rub is: everything works as it's meant to. I've used it about a dozen times now and had no problems. Nuff said. (Posted on 12/08/14)
Controller v2Review by Mauro
Great bar, very good grip.
A great product at a great price! (Posted on 9/08/14)
qualitativ hochwertige Bar zu günstigem PreisReview by Johannes
Die Switch Bar macht auf jeden Fall einen ordentlichen Eindruck.Die Leinen, das QR und der Swivel.
Leicht schwerer als vergleichbare, aber das stört soweit nicht.

Jetzt nach 4 Tagen auf dem Wasser kann ich nur sagen, dass sie leider nicht so 100 % ist. Der Swivel drehte bei mir am Kite nie aus, was wahrscheinlich an den etwas trüberen und den entsprechend vielen kleinen Partikeln in dem Wasser liegt, die sich in den Swivel sezten. Vom Gefühl her ging er immer noch leicht drehen, aber irgendwie hat wohl die Kraft der Powerlines nicht ausgereicht..

Der Adjuster funktioniert gut soweit, doch ist es etwas tricky den an sich gut durchdachten Ballen auf den Depowertampen aufzuknipsen. Nach ein paar Stürzen ist er ohnehin wieder ab.

Der Umbau der Safety geht super einfach. Hier muss man echt die Videoanleitungen loben. Habe es auch gleich ein paar mal im Wasser zusammen gebaut. Einzige Schwierigkeit ist, dass man die Plastikhaube des QRs wirklich bis and en Anschlag hochziehen muss um den Metallbügel wieder einzuklinken. Bei viel Wind und Wellen wäre da ein dritter Arm durchaus hilfreich. Aber das klappt mit ein bisschen Übung auch recht einfach.

Insgesamt gefällt sie mir sehr gut und ist für den Preis auf jeden Fall unschlagbar.
(Posted on 7/08/14)
Controller2Review by Boris
Now the controller 2 has everything I missed in controller 1. It's a great bar, feels natural und nice, has all safety features you need. Only the adjuster is a bit far away if you're not 3m tall ;-) . But that's no problem, fixed in 1 minute.

Enjoying the bar and my element2s on holiday. So far 9/11 days of windy action (10-35knts). Yes ! (Posted on 25/07/14)
Awesome basic setupReview by Isaac
I purchased this in combination with the Element 2 as my first kiteboarding setup.

Switch moved away from traditional red to blue for the markings on the bar, but once you get past which way round the bar goes it's fine.

The bar looks great. It's simple and many of it's features are explained on Switch Kites' Youtube page which was very helpful. The great things about this bar are in the design.

It has two pull out bungees to hold the wrapped lines in place. When not in use they disappear into the bar. The grip itself is nice and firm and has yet to look worn, and I've been using it for nearly a year.

It came with an unhooked loop allowing you to thread it through the chicken loop for unhooked tricks, so easy to go. It has all the adjustments needed under the line pads so you can change the response based on the wind.

Above the bar de-power works great for me as a beginner. I love being able to yank it and feel safely within my power zone. It's easy to use when learning to self land and launch too! (Posted on 20/07/14)
The best barReview by Marc
No errors on the bar, the pressure is perfect, the depower is revolutionary i like it a lot, on the pass i had a cabrinha bar and the switch bar is the best (lines, depower,bar, grip, floats, chicken,..) i recommend this bar! (Posted on 20/07/14)
Controler 2 tiene el mejor del mercado y la calidad también.Review by Valentin
La Controler 2 es una barra impecable sencilla sin complicaciones y completa con todo lo debe tener la mejor barra del mercado.
De ha mejorado el tacto de la Controler1, ahora las manos no sufren desgaste al navegar.
Incorpora un sistema para ayudar a controlar el trimado de la barra es decir que las líneas sean iguales soltando el cabo de freno al max.

Dispone de hasta 3 sistemas de seguridad para conseguir la seguridad y funcionalidad deseada, que se pueden montar. El sistema por defecto laza la barra de forma que el kite pierde 100% la potencia

Se dispone de dos quita vueltas en la barra ya nivel de las líneas.

Se mejoran los acabados de pulido en el agujero de la barra, que mejora mucho la duración del cabo de freno.

Se ha mejorado la calidad de las líneas y además se ha ponen líneas de mas grueso para las líneas de potencia.

Se ponen ping-tails de conexión de las líneas al bridage así se alarga la vida de las líneas.

Lleva una funda para la barra.

Permite pasar de 45 cm para kites pequeños yo lo uso para la 5m sólo en el extremo por defecto la longitud entre las líneas es de 55 cm es muy rápido de cambiar.

El sistema de seguridad funciona a cualquier presión , no se ve afectado por arena etc, no falla.

Lleva un sistema de bola en el cabo del freno para organizar el cabo después de frenar el kite, hay que insertarlo en el cabo de freno la bola tiene una especie de perforación para clipar la en el cabo, cuando navegas esta en tensión y estas habituado no cuesta y es práctico.

El tacto, la calidad y la durabilidad de ésta barra es extraordinaria.

Lleva dos gomas para sujetar las líneas una vez recogidas las líneas.
El Sistema de freno es regulable en altura, buscar en los videos de switch explica cómo se puede regular en altura es fantástico poderlo ajustar tan fácil.
Lleva en los extremos de la barra en goma blanda para evitar hacerse daño con la barra, o dañar nuestra tabla de surfkite. Esto es genial.
Barra 100% recomendable
(Posted on 19/07/14)
controller v2Review by Alban
La barre switch v2 est vraiment une trés bonne barre.
Adaptable sur tous les modéles switch.ou pas.
Très robuste au look sympa.
Elle reste l'une des meilleures barres que j'ai pu avoir.
Le prix seulement 245 euros comparé aux autres marques......
Tout a bien été pensé.

The controller v2 is one of the best bar i ve ever use.
Build to be the best bar. All is thinking and build perfectly.
Look is prettt cool and price too.

love it.
(Posted on 17/07/14)
Simple, fonctionnal, reliable and confyReview by Yeroglyf
- Bar length tunable (45/55cm). Soft ends. I use 45cm with 7m, 45/55 with 9 depending on what I want to do, 55 with 13m.
20+3 m length for lines. I love 7 and 9 with 20m lines, they became toys.
13m works perfectly with 12m lines extensions, thus increasing low end.

The bar allow you to choose flag mode (see video) wich is great!
I use one Front line flag for 4 lines kites and 5th flag for combat.
You can connect in suicide leash to keep the kite in air when missing the bar, but having 100% depower on 5th line if you push the realase (in case something go wrong... like take off or landings)

This bar does all at great price, and after more than 50 sessions, I can say it is reliable and it will last for a long time.
Best price/quality for sure, but maybe alse.... just the best bar! (long lasting gear is for me really important, it is not the case with some of the other "hi-tec" products of other brands...) (Posted on 17/07/14)
Very good product Review by Samuel
For years, people who have been trying my Switch kites were very impressed by their quality their performance and their price ! However, they was most of the time a little disappointment about the first version of the controller. To my mind, this product was doing his job and it is still doing it but Switch has to move to the next level and the second version of the bar was a very important step for all of us. Well, to my opinion, the challenge is met guys ! I would like to highlight a few points :
- The design is maybe not the most important but this is clearly something Switch improved with that blue and well-shaped bar.
- The safety is now one of the most reliable on the market and the most versatile I have ever seen. This is useless to write more about it : thanks to a new elaborated swivel, you can chose the type of safety you prefer depending of your level and your way to ride. This video is showing you the different possibilities : https://vimeo.com/80572941
- Durability. The grip of the bar is not only more comfortable but also very durable. Mostly, the center piece is now a master piece ! This piece has been polished for preventing depower wear and this is something to take into consideration when you see how much other brand can sell you a simple new depower rope (around 20 euros or more most of the time).
- Switch also succeed to keep the advantages of the first product version such has the depower system which is very user friendly with a safe cleat and an ergonomic release system. Oh ! And also, do not forget that all spear parts of you bar are still available on your continent for a very democratic price ;-)

I may forget some points but you will discover them by yourself ;-)
About the cons ? You can watch my other reviews to notice that I can be critical about a product but I am afraid that so far, I did not notice disadvantages about the Controler V2 designed by Switch Kites.

Congrats to the Switch Team ! Keep it on guys !
(Posted on 28/04/14)
Controller2 , Que demander de plus ?Review by Elyes
Après une quinzaine de sessions avec la barre de control ; Controller2 Switchkites, en freeride ,en freestyle et surf, j’ai réellement apprécié les améliorations apportées sur cette nouvelle version du Controller.
Du point de vu construction rien à dire, c’est du top et du robuste, et même si la barre semble un peu lourde en main cela ne se sent pas en navigation.
Elle offre plusieurs possibilités de réglage et peut être utilisée avec toute aile qui nécessite la même longueur , sur les avant et les arrière, à mesurer quand la barre est complètement bordée et frein lâché) .
Il est aussi possible de choisir entre deux modes de largage :
1. Largage sur un des avants (ce qui fait perdre complètement la puissance de l’aile) avec la possibilité de connecter, grâce à l’anneau double, en suicide leash pour facilité la reprise dans les tricks décrochés.
2. Largage sur la mini 5ème ligne , qui donne un résultats intermédiaire et qui permet de rester sur les 2 avants en perdant assez de puissance (plus que dans le cas du suicide leash) et facilite ainsi le redécollage. (c’est le système de la version précédente)
La prise en main du grip est très agréable.
Les extrémités de la barre sont souples, grand avantage pour la planche de surf.
Le border/choquer, a été allonger pour avoir une plage de frein plus grande.
A l’extrémité du frein vous trouverez un Balle qui s’accroche au niveau du border choquer et vous évites d’avoir le bout du frein qui s’enroule sur vos lignes. Prenez quelques minutes pour apprendre à l’utiliser vous verrez c’est simple et très efficace.
Switchkites ont rajouté un ajusteur de lignes ( line calibrator) qui permet d’une manière simple de vérifier et ajuster la longueur de vos ligne, Un système très intéressant surtout pour les amateur de kite loop qui ont souvent les avants qui s’allongent avec le temps et leurs ailes qui change de comportement sans comprendre pourquoi .
Finalement un « swivel » qui marche très bien (ce qui est très rare)
Pour conclure une excellente barre a prix raisonnable ( et même sans voir le prix).
(Posted on 4/03/14)
excellentReview by Vladimir
strip of very good quality) all works well without delay (Posted on 18/02/14)
Most Blue Bar on the market...and..Review by mogmachine
I am someone who was super happy with the v1, ...my only complaint was the grip, so in response to this the v2 bar does indeed have a much better grip.

Other than that a lot is the same from my perspective, other than its apparent blueness which clearly matches all of my equipment much better.

On a serious note, ..this is one of the most versatile bars on the market, ..whether you fly Switch kite or any other kite, you can use this bar. Everything can be trimmed and changed to how you want it, all explained on the Switch Vimeo Channel and it even comes with a line checker to make verifying your lines lengths a piece of cake.

Other updates, ..the de-power toggle now clips to the line (for all those who had not previously mastered velcro in v1) ...and most notably you can setup the bar for 2 different type of safety (single front line, double front line or 5th).

For the price and quality you could not ask for a better bar, ..and if I had to find a fault I would complain that both floaters are the same colour, ..i mean, ..black and blue !!! ..why not one ...erm, ..blue and black? :) (Posted on 17/12/13)
Great BarReview by Simon
Tried my new controller 2 bar yesterday and was very chuffed. I used it on a North Fuse kite and simply changed the line pigtail to align with the North configuration. The low V on the front lines was something I was not aware of but it was a real bonus when I self landed. The feel of the bar was less bulky and more efficient than my North trust bar which is now relegated to being my spare bar. (Posted on 10/12/13)

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Bonne barre pour la nitro, le trim est pratique, car il est au dessus de la barre, facile de l attraper . De plus il ne bouge pas car grace a l aimant il se repositionne plus facilement. La matiere de la barre est agreable, on ne s arrache pas les mains , donc top !


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