Vincent Cabano

Switch Kiteboarding Team

Vincent Cabano


South African

Years kiting

3 years

Home spot

Strand, Cape Town

Favorite kite

Forsure the Legacy

Favorite food

Got a serious weakness for Spaghetti and a good pizza

What gets me in the mood to kite

As soon as there's wind and a session with my brother always gets me super pumped as well.


I've always been a huge fan of Sam Light and his grab variations.


Anything in the ocean or in the mountains. I have lived along the coast all my life and the ocean has played a large role in my life, whether it was bodyboarding, diving, chilling on the beach, surfing or kiting, you can't help but come back from the beach feeling good.

Dream kiting spot

Tarifa, Spain, that place looks incredible!

One thing I can’t live with out

The ocean without a doubt.

Biggest achievement

Graduating as a Mechanical Engineer

Why Switch

Firstly, I am a huge fan and believe in what the brand stand for, selling directly to the customer, no middle man and being in direct contact with people that actually know the product and that are not just sales men. Secondly, the gears design and quality speak for itself, extremely reliable, durable and afforable gear, what more can you ask for`?

2 words that describe me

Energy, Social


Switch Kiteboarding Team
Switch Kiteboarding Team
Switch Kiteboarding Team
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