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  • Bill Hansen - 'Working the Kite'

    In lighter winds or at the bottom of the range, it seems natural to 'work the kite.' Everyone does it without thinking. Mostly, it is a reaction to the kitesurfing kite losing speed and potentially falling out of the sky. To prevent the looming disaster, actively flying the kite is the only possibility. The interesting thing about 'working the kite' is how well it works allowing continued kiting when it otherwise would be impossible.

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  • Victor

    It started off relatively harmless. A small fluff-ball struggling about awkwardly in the grass immediately in front of the mower. Lucky for him I was watching. But, not your usual small bird fallen from the nest. This one about the size of a tennis ball with big feet, sharp claws and a nasty hooked beak. Bird of Prey he was.

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