'Right Now I'm' - Felix Pivec

Welcome to the first edition of 'Right Now I'm'.

Here at Switch we're a friendly inquisitive bunch of mortals, always curious, watching our community with fascination. Importantly this focus extends past our products to the lives of our supporters. 'Right Now I'm' posts will give you a glimpse into our Switch community from TR's to the novice on the beach... we want to know how they tick and who better to start with than our own aquatic human - Felix Pivec. Enjoy!


He's an aquatic human, the King of unhooked
who packs in more water time than most ocean mammals.

1. Thinking about... "The next perfect swell that will hit Oahu's North Shore."

the next perfect wave Dream Conditions

2. Reading... "A lot of emails regarding SwitchKites and future developments."
3. Obsessed with... "All the cool water sports that compliment each other."
4. Excited about... "Some new boards I just got from Firewire Surfboards."

Firewire board quiver for kiting. Firewire board quiver for kiting.

5. Dreaming of... "The next perfect day on the water 6ft waves with no one out."
6. Winning at... "Everything you try to do will also keep you striving for your goals."
7. Giving up... "Is never a option when you want to succeed at something you want to do."

Riding bike up peacock flats Riding bike up Peacock Flats

8. Planning... "Takes up too much time so just go with the flow and don't over think things."
9. Regretting... "Nothing at all."
10. Competing... "With yourself in anything you do will make you stronger and better."

Selfie Selfie

11. In love with... "My honey."
12. Hanging... "Solo is sometimes the best medicine you can get."
13. Clicking on... "My Flying Objects harness."

Flying objects harness Flying objects harness

14. Listening to... "The ocean deliver a new swell."
15. Following... "You on Facebook."
16. Happiest when... "I'm in the water surfing ,kitesurfing or throwing powder in the steep and deep."

Carving Dust in Utah. Carving Dust in Utah.

17. Learning... "Something everyday no matter what it is will keep things interesting."
18. Heading... "To the beach to make the most of what mother nature has to offer today."
19. Riding... "The best possible gear such as Firewire surfboards and SwitchKites can only make your job easier."

Freeriding on the Nitro3 and Firewire Board Freeriding on the Nitro3 and Firewire Board .

20. Saving for... "Next new toy that will probably have something to do with the ocean."
21. Busy doing... "Switch Kiteboarding stuff."

Anyone keen to be featured in 'Right Now I'm' please email social@switchkites.com.

2 thoughts on “'Right Now I'm' - Felix Pivec”

  • Hugh Robertson

    Hey Felix, you probably will not remember me, but last summer in June I spent a week at Mokuleia and you were the first person I met there and you encouraged me to try strapless riding on my cousin's surfboard. I got the basics, and have improved in the 18 months since. Thanks for the encouragement getting me into strapless riding, if not yet onto Switch kites! Hugh

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