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Direct Sales Model

Here at SwitchKites customers often ask, "how do you sell your kitesurfing kites at lower prices compared to other brands?"

This diagram shows our design, development, manufacturing, marketing & team costs are all the same/similar to other brands. We do not take any short cuts.

But, by cutting out the middleman (Distributors/Retailers) and selling direct via our Online Store we are able to sell our gear for much less.

Be assured we’re powered by the latest technology and we're using the highest specification in materials and equipment available. If it isn't premium, it’s not Switch.


Highest Quality

Our design and production staff have over 50 years experience in designing and building airborne sports equipment and a hard-earned reputation for unmatched quality and durability.
We source the absolute highest quality raw goods either jointly developed with global manufacturers to our specifications or thoroughly tested in real world use and proven to be the best available. New materials and construction techniques are scientifically tested in our exclusive headquarters laboratory to determine their strength and functionality before entering production. Attention to detail in raw goods acquisition and production means a Switch kite is unmatched in quality and our direct-to-the-customer sales approach allows us to provide ultimate quality at an affordable price.


Built Strong

Our production is exclusive to Switch and we continuously test and refine our construction to deliver performance and structural integrity in harsh conditions and extreme use. All seams, patches and plies are 100% glued and carefully stitched with purposely selected thread types and stitching methods to insure the construction is adding to the material strength rather than compromising it.
We test our construction details to failure in the laboratory to prove their true strength rather than making an assumption of adequacy. Finally, real world testing of the finished product completes the process and any weaknesses that are exposed are immediately corrected. At Switch toughness means there are no corners cut or weak links allowed.


Leading Designs

Our design staff, in addition to being active enthusiasts, are technically trained engineers and experienced professionals with a long history of cutting-edge innovation in the field. Leading design may be determined by a major new development or a combination of numerous small improvements overlooked by others.
Our designers are known for and constantly trying new ideas and the knowledge gained allows them to incorporate true improvements with a clear vision of the future.

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